Investing in Waterfalls Residential is a great decision for those who have always dreamed of buying their own property and giving up renting. However, more than fulfilling this desire, our new project promises to offer several advantages for your family.

Therefore, in this post we have put together a list of the main benefits that will be provided by Resicendial Waterfalls once construction is complete. If you are curious about this information, read on to learn more.

Waterfalls Residences: your dream home

Our new project offers large and spacious floor plans, with all the necessary rooms for a complete family to have comfort, convenience, security, and certainty of more well-being and a better lifestyle.

In addition, the structure is modern, with landscaping carefully designed to enhance green spaces, outdoor moments, and also mental health, since contact with nature is extremely important for all ages.

The Waterfalls Residential Complex arrives with a lot of innovation in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná. For sure, this project is the beginning of the life you always dreamed of living with your partner, your children, and even a pet.

Learn about the advantages of investing in a Waterfalls apartment right below.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Waterfalls Residential Complex

Now, let’s get to the point. Check out the top three reasons to buy your own apartment in our newest residential project. Read on:

Refined structure

Our apartments will be complete and spacious, built based on a humanized floor plan that values every inch of the environment. Each apartment will have

  • Living room integrated with the dining room;
  • Kitchen;
  • Service area;
  • Two bedrooms
  • Complete bathroom;
  • Balcony and internal circulation hall.

In addition, the leisure areas are diversified, designed for people of all ages and with extra resources to make the experience in them totally complete.

The following will be available for the residents: party room, game room, toy room, cinema, gym, beauty care, playground, zen square, squares, hammocks, picnic area, barbecue kiosks, adult and children’s swimming pool, besides zen area and gazebos.

Privileged location

Foz do Iguaçu, in Paraná, is one of the most popular cities in Brazil and in South America. This is because the region is home to the famous waterfalls and because it is also a giant cultural center, with many beliefs and traditions from our country and the whole world.

Visiting Foz do Iguaçu is already an incredible experience, so much so that every year the city receives thousands of foreigners. However, living in this location is a complete turnaround in the lifestyle you are living right now.

Besides the culture, art, and sights that need to be visited at least once in a lifetime. The city is close to the border with Paraguay and Argentina, making international travel much easier.

The Waterfalls Residencial will be built next to a gigantic shopping center, with schools, pharmacies, banks, squares, a modern hospital, and several roads and highways. If you do not have a car, the neighborhood also has several bus stops.

Low cost of living

The cost of living is an important issue for those who want to move to a completely new city, after all, in different regions of the country the cost of living tends to change, either up or down.

The good news is that Paraná is among the cheapest cities to live in. Its cost of living is 44.8% cheaper compared to living in the capital of São Paulo, for example. So this becomes another facility to transition your lifestyle to a new, much better one.

In short, buying an apartment in Waterfalls Residential may be the best investment you will make now. This way, you guarantee a better future for your entire family, especially your children. Contact us and get to know the details of this real estate novelty.

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