If you are looking for a home of your own, a residential club offers the best benefits for those who want to make an investment with satisfaction guarantee. Besides being modern, this type of housing provides security, comfort, and lots of leisure.

Therefore, if you want to have several services at your disposal, a large outdoor area with shared spaces for entertainment and fun, as well as technological and advanced indoor environments, this could be your perfect deal.

Check out the following reasons to live in a club and find out if this type of development is right for you! Read on:

The advantages of living in a residential clubhouse

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned some benefits that only a complete residential club can provide for its residents. Different from a common condominium, the number of positive points are enormous, but we list only the most exclusive ones.

Differentiated and unique leisure

Although many condominiums promise fun and amenities for all ages, the built options are few, limiting the resident’s freedom at home.

A residential club seeks to break this barrier and establish an even more varied range of spaces, resources, and technologies. After all, the term club refers to country clubs, sports clubs, and other spaces that are usually expensive to use and not always available.

And the best part? It is that all of this will be right next to your door, necessary only to go down a few flights of stairs and cross a few meters, still in the residential, to have fun moments with colleagues, neighbors, and family members.

To give you an idea, residential clubs usually offer

  • Party room;
  • Swimming pool
  • Games room
  • Outdoor parks
  • Gym;
  • Pet place;
  • Movie theater;
  • And much more.

Every area focused on safe entertainment is fundamental to stimulate the good social coexistence of the residents, with protection and tranquility.

The most valued properties in the market

Whether it is for you and your family to live in or just a business that is becoming a great investment, a residential club has the advantages of aging and becoming an even more valued product in the real estate market.

This happens because, residential clubs are usually located in the best region of a city, a noble neighborhood or surrounded by a commercial complex that provides easy access to buying or hiring products and services that are extremely necessary in everyday life.

This set of characteristics makes the development even more secure, attractive, and quite noble, ensuring that any investment in it becomes a negotiation without defects or disappointments.

Besides this, the rich structure of a residential club guarantees it a high standard. And this, added to the growing demand of the population for apartments of this style, brings even more value.

This transaction also means that you will be investing in the acquisition of a profitable property and a real asset for the long term. It serves as a safe haven for future contingencies, making sure that no one will be left without a roof over their head during a major crisis.

More quality of life with excellent cost/benefit ratio

When we put values into the balance, it is easy to see that a residential club can be cheaper than buying or building a house with a garden, barbecue and swimming pool, for example. After all, you are only paying for your apartment and getting a lot of extras.

Also, the condominium fees are divided among all the residents, so this “extra money” for maintenance and other regular care is not a burden on your pocket. And this even includes classes with a personal trainer or a tennis teacher hired by the condominium.

In addition, the resident of the residential club does not have to worry about maintenance, since these responsibilities are managed by the staff, leaving more free time for the condominiums to enjoy life.

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