Nice to meet you. We are VRV, a developer that aims to make your dreams come true. Since 2010, we offer families from all around Brazil innovative homes, with comfort, well-being, and safety in mind. We want to make your days better and to give your family a future filled with quality of life.

Therefore, we build homes with responsibility and dedication, using techniques, equipment, professionals, and raw material of the best quality throughout the entire building process. After all, to build solid properties, we need to adopt technologies, to be skilled, and to be committed to excellence.

We are always developing new projects and we count on ready-to-move units that are just waiting for your decision to make a purchase. All you have to do is contact one of our realtors, ask them any questions you may have, and begin the process of purchasing the property.

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Conquer your new apartment today
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Building process

All of our projects aim to be innovative. We take inspiration from the main architectural trends to build apartments with technology, practicality and beauty. These factors should be seen both inside the units and in outside and collective areas.

We apply sustainable actions since the first architectural design drafts, aiming to value natural lighting and reducing the use of day-to-day electricity for the homeowner. Other than that, green initiatives are also applied in our company’s construction site and real state agencies.

We prioritize the use certified of construction materials, selective construction work waste collection, partnerships with local recycling cooperatives, and initiatives promoted against waste of hydric resources and electricity.

Until your keys are handed in to you, we pull all the stops for you. Your own home is waiting for you right here!

Until the delivery of your keys, we spare no effort.
Your own home is here!

Developing modern projects and building high quality apartments so that families from all over Brazil may make their dreams of owning a house come true.
Working according to company values, investing in equipment, raw materials, innovative and efficient professionals, and techniques.
Ethics, responsibility, transparency, commitment with the preservation of the environment, economy of resources and guarantee of satisfaction.

Quality policy

VRV Construtora aims in its Integrated management:

  • Grow and develop with quality and meeting deadlines;
  • Seek customer satisfaction by meeting all requirements applicable laws;
  • Responsibility throughout its construction process, with updating and improving new technologies and the commitment to excellence;
  • Continuously improve sustainable actions from the project design to the use of materials construction certificates, of proven origin in the quality and protection of the environment;
  • Maintain continuous improvement of the integrated management system.


We believe our apartments are spaces built for everybody, that is why it’s essential that, in our projects, all spaces are equipped with universal accessibility. We aim to respect disabled people, so we establish a series of precautions as a way for them not to be excluded from social interaction.

This means giving everybody access to the same areas, goods and services available for the residents. We, at VRV Construtora, build projects strictly, aiming the inclusion of disabled people, respecting all demands and standards.


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