As the saying goes: he who marries, wants a house. But, let’s face it, buying a property while planning your dream wedding is not easy, much less cheap. Both projects require a large investment. At first, it may seem impossible. However, the good news is that, if you organize yourself properly, it is possible to conciliate the purchase of your home and the preparations for the most important celebration of your life.

Are you curious? Read on and check out some essential tips that we have prepared for you.

Financial planning

When it comes to a big expense, organizing your financial life is important. But now we are talking about two big expenses, so financial planning is more than essential. First of all, you need to know your financial health and that of your partner. Knowing how much each of you earns and spends each month already gives you a parameter for savings.

After taking note of these figures, start analyzing the scenario after the wedding, foreseeing future expenses in your life together. If you intend to buy a house through real estate financing, it is essential to know if the installments will fit into the household budget along with the water, electricity, internet, and food bills, among others.

The next step is to establish the couple’s priorities. List your wishes for the future, such as: having children and how many, the ideal infrastructure of the new house or apartment, whether you will buy cars, and so on. Then set dates. If the property is already ready, there is no problem in getting married in a few months, otherwise, if the property is still in the planning stage, it is best to leave the wedding until after the keys are delivered and the house is moved in.

Search for the best market conditions

The purchase of your own home can have several facilities if you and your spouse are willing to join the government or private program that best suits your profile. One of the main examples is the Green and Yellow House Program, formerly Minha Casa Minha Vida, which offers easy credit and lower interest rates compared to other types of financing. There are also subsidies from each state and the possibility to use your FGTS as a down payment and to pay the installments of a financing.

The important thing is to make a financing simulation for each option you find on the market, this way you and your partner will have a complete view of the situation and will be able to identify which best fits your budget. This forecast shows the total cost of the property, an estimate of the amount of the installments, and the amount of mortgage credit available for your situation.

Calculate how much can be invested in the purchase of the property and how much is left over to perform the wedding without unbalancing the couple’s budget. Knowing your financial possibilities helps to foresee future expenses with the wedding as well. Remember to research and find the best construction company.

Economy is also important for the wedding

The apartment must come before the wedding, that is a fact. After the first issue is solved, move on to the second. With good financial planning it is possible to get married in both civil and religious ceremony, and to prepare a party for friends and family. Besides searching for the style of celebration that suits you best, having a wedding ceremony facilitates the process and helps to find the most economical options for catering, decoration, among other items.

Don’t overdo the size of the guest list, remember to call only those who truly matter in your life. Until the day of the wedding, set strategies to save money, such as calling a friend or colleague to be the DJ, an acquaintance who can lend the gala outfits, or even a group of people to help decorate the hall or prepare the food. Although it may seem inefficient, in the end it will make a huge difference in your pocket.

With all these tips, you and the love of your life can hassle-free get the villa of your dreams and have the most unforgettable party of all!

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