Quality residential clubs are built by companies that believe in the power that a well-designed home has in the life of a family. That is why the VRV Group, pioneer and also a reference in this style of housing, is the right option for those who are looking for their own home. And would you like to know something new? We arrived in Foz do Iguaçu with the promise of changing lives!

As a construction company, we have the responsibility to deliver unique and special properties, which are up to the desires of people who seek to live alone, with their partner, with the whole family, and even with their pets. We believe in a construction process that is updated and improved with new technologies and respect for the environment to achieve our customers’ satisfaction.

With projects already developed in different regions of São Paulo, we finally arrived in Paraná with a promise that we will keep: to offer a unique opportunity for your life!

The differentials of the VRV Group’s developments

If you still haven’t heard about our projects or don’t know our differentials, we prepared a concise and objective list with each one of them. We know that acquiring your own real estate property is a very important and delicate process, after all, it is a total transformation of your life. So, researching the smallest details is always the right way to start a business.

We have separated some advantages that only our group is able to provide and, soon, they will be at your disposal in Foz do Iguaçu, just waiting for you to make the right decision. Check them out:

  • Modern infrastructure: We develop projects with modern design, excellent infrastructure, and high quality finishing, allowing you to choose the floor plan that best suits you and your family;
  • Better payment conditions: we offer the best rates and payment conditions for you to achieve your dream even before you imagine it;
  • Privileged location: before even starting a new development, we think about the best location available, which provides complete commercial options and 24-hour security. It is a strategic thought that benefits your well-being;
  • Comfort and fun: our properties have cozy spaces, not to mention that we have several developments with complete leisure areas for children, teenagers, and adults.

Who thinks VRV, thinks housing excellence

Foz do Iguaçu is located in the extreme west of Paraná, surrounded by tourist wonders and growth opportunities for those who want to live in this wonderful city. We came to this region with the will to instigate the growth of local families and of those who decide to move to this area. The VRV seal is the guarantee that they will have the support of a company with excellence in all its processes and agreements.

It is important to emphasize that sustainable, social, and innovative actions are always on our side; after all, we aim to build with solidity from the elaboration of the architectural project to the execution in the company’s corporate and real estate construction sites. Can you imagine living a better life? That is what we want!

Stay tuned to our website and social networks for news about our presence in Foz do Iguaçu. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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