Buying a property in the planning stage is not easy – read some financing tips here – but it allows the new owner of the property to make certain changes in the structure, the electrical and plumbing systems, and, of course, in the choice of finish.

And choosing a finish for an apartment is not such a simple task, and there are several factors that must be considered at the time of choosing. Keep in mind that you will not only be creating or improving a living environment, but also investing and generating added value to your property.

Here we have separated 5 tips to help you choose the ideal finishing for your house, with quality, modernization, and all the trends that are emerging.


  1. Wall textures

One of the main finishing touches to be done in the new apartment is the use of wall paste to create different textures on the walls. In terms of colors, what is currently in vogue are inhomogeneous paintings, which use a geometric pattern with two or more shades. Another trend for wall coverings and texture that is also on the rise in the market is Subway Tiles, which have London’s subway stations as their reference.


  1. Finishing the floor

Besides being durable and resistant, porcelain tiles can perfectly simulate any type of material. The material is also a good option for those who like wood, but are looking for a more resistant floor. In the kitchen, burnt cement has also been a great market trend, due to the increasing use of industrial style decoration.


  1. Metals and chinaware

With each passing year, the taps, cookware, and all the metal and ceramic accessories in kitchens and bathrooms are becoming more minimalist and increasingly modern. Chrome – which used to dominate the market – is losing space to other styles such as gold, matte, black, etc.


  1. Lighting

Nowadays, what is becoming more and more common in residences are the projects in parallel with the industrial style decoration, in addition to light fixtures that share the space with light strings – another trend – and larger lamps, widely used in the most modern apartments. Another tip is to put light points in the ceiling, making the environment cozier, without having to invest in construction work or spend lots of money. This way it is much cheaper, besides being much more practical and faster.







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