When buying a property, many people have doubts regarding the payment method. In today’s post of the VRV blog, we will demystify several questions regarding real estate financing. Check out the tips:

Make a good planning

Buying a property is an important and joyful moment in the life of any person. But it is necessary to be very careful and prepare a good planning before the purchase. Never let emotion or the publicity of the enterprise speak more than reason and your financial conditions. It is important to look for a property that is compatible with your financial reality and current income. There are several financial agents that operate with different interest rates. Before hitting the hammer on a purchase, search in different financial institutions, identify the one that is better for your needs and that matches the profile of the desired property. Compare terms such as financing, interest rates, terms, and approval time. Never do anything on impulse, the credit lines may vary according to the price of the property, the number of installments, the amount of the down payment, and several other factors. Clearly define the type of development you need and see how your financial budget is.

Simulate the credit before buying

It is not easy to define what type of financing you will choose. There are institutions that allow the buyer to simulate the credit to help visualize and project the purchase. It is very important to simulate before buying! Test several credit lines in different banking institutions, simulate the evolution of the installments, the type of income proof, and the most diverse possibilities offered by the financing simulators.

Have all the necessary documentation

This part can be quite bureaucratic, but you can start to sort it out even before you go to the bank. In general, by the financial or banking institutions, the documents are always the same, but they may vary according to each bank.

In general, the main documents requested are

– CPF and RG;
– Proof of Address;

– Proof of Income (credit card, bank account statement).

It is worth mentioning that if the purchase is a joint purchase, i.e. with more than one buyer, it will be necessary to present the documents of all the people involved in the operation.