In the summer, the hot and muggy days with very high temperatures come. If we are careless, several health problems can appear, especially those related to dehydration. But did you know that through healthy eating it is possible to prevent the negative effects of the intense heat?

A good diet throughout life is essential, but at certain times redoubled care is needed. Many health professionals warn about this issue and reinforce the need to drink water constantly throughout the day.

The lack of water in our system makes it difficult for the kidneys to work, it is difficult to regulate body temperature, blood pressure tends to rise, and digestion and intestinal transit may become more difficult, among other complications.

Even, due to all these effects, the Ministry of Health provides guidance during the season. According to the Ministry, “our metabolism changes to adapt to high temperatures and one of the consequences of this is increased sweating. And this natural reaction requires the ingestion of liquids, fruits, vegetables, and legumes, as these foods help to hydrate and replace the mineral salts eliminated by sweating.

As seen, water alone is not enough. Other foods and drinks that we ingest can help us. The following are ten tips on healthy foods to be consumed on hot days:


  1. In addition to ordinary water, also consume water flavored naturally with pieces of fruit, vegetables, spices or herbs;
  2. Eat fruits, vegetables, and legumes rich in water, which can be cooked or raw (such as salads). Many people use these options to compose daily meals, lunch and dinner;
  3. In addition to solid foods, non-processed soups are the safest and healthiest form of hydration, including cold soups;
  4. Avoid alcoholic beverages, especially those with large doses of sugar or caffeine. They do not hydrate the body and contribute to water loss. Furthermore, alcohol contributes to the deterioration of the liver system;
  5. When going out for a walk with the family, avoid heavy meals and spicy food;
  6. Meats are not a danger, however, give preference to those with little or no apparent fat, such as chicken and fish;
  7. When it is time to choose a dessert, ice cream is good. However, choose water-based fruit popsicles rather than milk-based ones;
  8. Do not leave food that needs cooling out of the refrigerator for a long time; besides spoiling, it can cause food poisoning;
  9. If you are in the middle of a diet or intend to start one, medical advice is indispensable.

Extra advice: if you are the father or mother of a child, especially a baby, are over 65, or live with an elderly person, pay attention to how often they drink water. This summer, even though we need it, our thirst and desire to take a sip of the liquid diminishes a lot, and it is necessary to remember this basic need constantly.


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