Não sabe o que fazer com a sua varanda? Já pensou em transforma-la em uma varanda gourmet? Know that with a few simple reforms you can give this space a new use.

  1. Must-have items for your gourmet veranda

Something that, without a doubt, cannot be missing in a gourmet balcony is the barbecue grill. After all, there is nothing better than gathering family and friends for a barbecue on the weekend. Besides the barbecue grill, it is important that the gourmet balcony does not lack essential items such as sink and refrigerator.

  1. Opt for tiles or tessellations

An interesting idea for the walls of the gourmet veranda is tile or tessellation. It is possible to find several color options to match the decoration style of the environment. In addition, tessellations, besides making the environment more charming, make cleaning much easier.

  1. Close the balcony with glass curtains

Closing the balcony with glass is a great option for gourmet balconies. This is because the glass curtains protect the environment without disturbing the natural lighting.

  1. Invest in a countertop

Countertops are perfect for gourmet balconies, especially in apartments, which usually have smaller spaces. They serve as a table and, at the same time, as a support for food preparation. Some countertop models have cabinets underneath that allow for the storage of utensils.

  1. Position the furniture strategically

Since it is a space for meals and where people gather, the furniture of the gourmet balcony must not hinder the circulation and interaction of those who are in the environment. Seating for people cannot be lacking, but care must be taken. If the space is small, the best alternative is to opt for benches, since they take up less space than regular chairs.


Renovations such as closing balconies with glass interfere with the building’s façade, so before anything else, you should make sure that the condominium where you live allows the practice. Details such as the colors of the glass and the profiles are usually determined in internal conventions of the condominium in order to define a standard, maintaining the visual unity of the building.

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