If we asked you to make a list of the main dreams of your life, you would most certainly list “owning your own home”. How do we know that? It’s simple, the dream of living in a home of your own is very common among Brazilians, especially among those who pay rent.

VRV is proud to have been in the real estate market for more than 12 years building and delivering new and modern homes to countless families. This is a job we do with a lot of happiness and determination; after all, nothing is more rewarding than changing someone’s life and seeing the smile on their face.

We accompany the unfolding of each person’s story from the first contact until after the keys are handed over, because we are always available to solve any question or pendency. Our main goal is to deliver to each client the “happily ever after” they have been searching for.


VRV performs all construction processes with responsibility and purpose. We are always in search of improvement, exploring new technologies and techniques. We have a never before deferred commitment to the excellence of the building process, because if it weren’t for that, there wouldn’t be so many families grateful for what we do.

Here, “solidity” is the word that defines the efforts and the commitment that our teams apply inside and outside the construction site. And you can see the result of all this in the many successful developments that have already been delivered and are today occupied by hundreds of families very happy and relieved to have realized this wonderful achievement.


We also prioritize sustainable actions from the elaboration of the architectural project, which values natural lighting and ventilation, focusing on the reduction of energy use, to the execution of the company’s corporate and real estate projects.

The biggest highlights are the use of certified construction materials, of recognized origin and proven high quality, and the protection of the environment, which manifests itself through the adoption of selective collection, actions against the waste of water resources and electric power, the use of rainwater, the adoption of debris recycling, and the use of low-carbon equipment.

By minimizing waste and reusing materials, we maximize savings and make the spaces that will be inhabited ecologically correct and pleasant. And this is thanks to the specialized collaborators for the final destination of the residues that accompany us on this long journey. They are local partners, such as recycling cooperatives, who help us make a difference for you.


If you are looking for an apartment of your own, check out VRV’s projects. Very well located in cities that value your lifestyle, they can be the beginning of a whole new and better life. Get to know Colline, Oregon and Vermont, and then talk to one of our brokers!

Count on us to invest in a new apartment with tranquility. At VRV you will find transparency, security and commitment for more than 12 years. Start a new phase of your life right now!