Everything can be customized to give that personal touch, harmonious, elegant and of course, very cozy. Work the choice from the sofa to the cushions, light fixtures, furniture, rugs, and curtains. The living room is the gateway to any guest in your home, so it should present a cozy feeling.

See in this post, some tips prepared by VRV and learn how to take advantage of the spaces and make the living room cozier. Check them out!

Decorate the walls

Decorating the walls can be a difficult mission because it is something more definite and that is changed less often, so it is necessary to think long and hard before painting or applying wallpaper.

Walls have the power to change our mood, so choose pleasing tones or graphics that match the other items in your home decor.

Side lights

The lights installed on the side give a subtle and sophisticated touch to any kind of environment.

At some moments, you simply do not want to have a direct light while you are in the room. Invest in discreet side lights that subtly and effectively illuminate the room.

There are many different types of models and ways to install them.

Access to the book collection

To put books in a living room is to demonstrate to your guests that you are a cultured person and that you have the habit of reading in your life.

Dedicate a corner on your shelf or take advantage of the TV rack to place your favorite titles from your collection. Besides books, people can add vinyl records, movies, CDs, or games. Making this the most cultural corner of your home.

Opt for wooden structures that are open and that can highlight the charm of your private collection.


Relaxation area

Do you like to meditate, practice yoga, or simply exercise at home? Turn your living room into a living space with a comfortable mat, turn on the stereo to listen to some relaxing music, and start practicing.

You can flexibly and quickly adapt your environment, allowing it to be a place of relaxation and peace.


Many apartments or houses, with smaller dimensions, do not have the possibility of having a backyard garden. For fans of gardening and plant cultivation, it is possible to bring that experience into your home. Invest in a green corner with small plants that don’t grow too much, choose plants that don’t need water or sunlight too often, such as cactus, violet, or anthurium, for example.

Plants can give a sense of peace and well-being to the environment and also help to significantly reduce the amount of dust in the air.


Multimedia system

Those who like to watch movies, play video games, or enjoy good sitcoms know that using quality equipment such as a 4K high-definition television and a good home theater system enhances the entire audiovisual entertainment experience.

Look for devices that fit your space, choose televisions that fit and that are not too close to the field of vision. And in the case of apartments, don’t abuse the loud sound with powerful home theater sets.




We hope you enjoy these ideas and are inspired to apply them to your living room. Think about them and see which ones can be applied in your space!

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