In today’s post, created by VRV Group, we will get to know harmonious tips to make the couple’s bedroom cozier, always taking advantage of every corner of the space! Check out the post.

Everything is a matter of adaptation and planning, if the room is large, know how to take advantage of the space with a better use of the environment. If it is smaller, try to create the feeling of spaciousness and better distribution of items in place.

Large bedroom with space for reading

If you are one of those couples who can’t do without reading a good book and would love to have a special corner dedicated only to reading and to expose your book collections, you will love this tip!

It may seem impossible to have a mini library in the bedroom, but if you prioritize books over special objects or decorative items, it is possible to replace the contents of the shelves by placing several books. The larger the room, the greater the feeling of spaciousness and of having a large library. If you don’t have much space in your bedroom, it’s a good idea to reserve only the books that are currently being read, or those favorites that are indispensable in the collection. If you can, add a comfortable armchair in the bedroom for that relaxing moment of daily reading.

Small planned bedroom

Is your planned bedroom small? No problem! With this tip we will make better use of the space.

Try to better arrange the items in the room, taking advantage of the closet on the wall and on the side. Opt for a small table and leave only the essentials on top of it. Organize the structure of the room by leaving the most frequently used items close by, for when you need to use them.

Light fixtures above the bed are a good idea for lighting in the bedroom, avoiding the large occupation of space of a lamp, for example.

Parents with young children

Every parent of a small child knows how necessary and important it is to accompany and stay close by during the first months. For those who don’t have much space in their room or for those who simply want to stay close to their baby, the tip is to adapt the couple’s room by creating a special corner for the baby.

In this configuration of space, parents can make good use of the main wall of the room by fitting the crib and a chest of drawers near the bed. Before adapting the room, make a project because this may require several changes in the structure of the environment.

TV in the bedroom

Every couple likes to be cuddled, warm and comfortable in bed, watching their series or movies. This is not very possible with a TV in the living room, both for privacy and for the comfort that only a double bed can provide.

It is recommended that the TV is facing the bed, for a better view and convenience for those watching. Besides leaving it hanging on the wall, a good idea is to use the mobile and flexible support, giving mobility to change the TV position.


Did you like the tips and ideas? Now it’s just use your creativity decorating and applying these tips in the couple’s room. Always plan ahead and responsibly, respecting the size of each room.

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