In recent surveys, experts in the real estate market point to a trend of relevant recovery in the sector and foresee a new phase of sustained growth in sales and launches for the year 2021, once the uncertainties imposed by the pandemic are overcome.

The trend is that the developments will contemplate the needs created by the health crisis.

In 2021 we expect to have what was expected for 2020, but a more mature and consistent market. Everything indicates that 2021 will bring new air to the real estate market, positive air.

The real estate sector has shown that it managed to get through the crisis and recover its performance from June on.




✓ Resumption

The first half of 2020 carried the first negative impacts of the pandemic’s arrival, but the second half is beginning to show signs of a recovery.

There was a significant retraction in the volume of new launches when comparing the first half of 2020 with the same period of the previous year, and a softer reduction in sales volume in the same period.


With the opening of the sales call that took place in June, it was perceived that the recovery had already started to happen. From July on, the news indicate an improvement in relation to the first semester, adding perspective to the market.


This whole slow and careful movement of recovery is not just a wave, but a new good cycle for the real estate market, so the tendency is for the property to appreciate in value, with an update in prices, which were out of phase.

The trend is that those who buy now will win, and those who already own a property are already winning.

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