When the subject is decoration, colors and color combinations are the first things that usually come to people’s minds. And this is very normal, after all, this is the factor that helps establish the “mood” of the environment, making it more or less receptive and cozy.

Did you know that there is even an area of knowledge that studies the power of colors? It is called color psychology and is widely used by marketing and communication professionals, but it is also a powerful resource for those who work with interior design. In short, tones transmit emotions, so it is essential to be careful when painting your house.

In this article we will give you some guidelines for decorating your house or apartment, especially if it is a brand new property and you don’t want to make a mistake when it comes to styling it. Are you interested? Then read on:

 How do colors influence home decor?

Investing in new colors for the home is the quickest and easiest way to change the space. A new color completely renovates any room, can eliminate structural and visual imperfections, and creates an invigorating, harmonious atmosphere full of positive feelings.

In other words, decorating your apartment is not only about choosing items. Their details also need to be taken seriously. The simplest parts, one of them being the colors, are determining features, need logic, and, above all, meet your tastes for the result to be impressive.

If you neglect any aspect, especially the shade of furniture, carpets, appliances, and other decorative objects, the result can be disastrous, from tacky to completely unbearable because it is an irritating visual mess.

The Psychology of Colors

It is not new that people have noticed the effect of colors on things and people. Long ago, scholars began to analyze this event and created numerous concepts and theories that sought to provide complete mastery over the magic of hues and tones. This heap of information was given the name of Color Psychology.

One of the most popular theories was published in the form of a book called “The Theory of Colors”, a work written by Johann W. Von Goethe, which also incorporates the precepts of Feng Shui and can be used to transform spaces, besides being used in works in the area of visual communication.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to some details involving the psychology of colors and decoration. Although there is agreement on these two areas and how they are related to the effects on the human brain, the treatment and meaning that some colors receive may vary. Therefore, it is necessary to be flexible and understand the modifications proposed by the interior design and, above all, know that it is allowed to dare.

Influence of colors

Below, check out a short list with the most popular colors in the decoration universe and the effects they usually cause:

Blue: a shade that conveys confidence and is easily associated with loyalty, peace and success, as well as calmness and tranquility;

Red: a tone that provokes a lot of stimulation and is quickly associated with passion, emotion, and energy. Additional qualities are ambition, action, and willpower;

Gray: very versatile, this color activates perceptions of security, intelligence, solidity, calm, and composure;

Black: excellent for external environments, traditional, contemporary, and with industrial appeal, it conveys elegance and is great for highlighting details in the place;

Purple: a color easily associated with wealth, fantasy, nobility, charm, and luxury, perfect for giving a classic air to spaces, but without exaggerating;

Pink: a delicate shade, easily related to love, femininity, creation, and comfort, so it is perfect for spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms;

Yellow: this color is connected to spaces with joy, optimism, and energy, whether its tone is softer or more vibrant;

Green: a very positive color that encourages balance, growth, restoration, refreshment, and softness, not to mention the undeniable connection with nature and the outdoors.

In short, the color plays an important role in decorating homes all over the country. Can you already imagine the look for your future home? Check out more posts like this one on our blog.