Did you know that the real estate market uses specific terms to deal with buying, selling, and renting real estate? Understanding these words and jargon makes it easier for you to deal with the procedures in all instances of the search for a home, whether it’s a house, apartment, building land or a property in the planning stage.

With this in mind, we have prepared a list of the main real estate terms for those who are looking to sell, buy, or rent a property. Read and memorize well the list below, so you will not miss any expression while talking or reading documents related to the real estate market. Check it out:

Most commonly used terms in the real estate market

If you are thinking about selling, buying or renting a house or apartment, it is important to prepare yourself. And the first step on this journey is to do a good research on the internet and in real estate agencies. To help you, we prepared a list of the most used terms in the real estate market and what each one means. Check it out:


Document issued by a public agency to authorize the practice of a certain act. In this case, it is necessary to allow the incorporation and/or construction of an architectural project in different environments, not necessarily only urban spaces.


A surety bond can be expressed in different ways, but in general it is a precautionary measure to ensure that contractual obligations involving monetary values are fulfilled. It can be a deposit or some other form of collateral.

Contract of indorsement

This is a paper record of something that was agreed upon verbally. The agreement is recorded in a contract that is kept to confirm the negotiation. But since it is not notarized, it is not considered an official document.

Home equity loans

It is a loan granted by financial institutions to people who wish to buy or build a property through housing financing.

Partition Form

The document is issued by judges when there is a need to divide property. It is usually used when a person dies and his belongings need to be distributed among the heirs, for example. Therefore, a property that belongs to two people who are no longer together can only be legally sold if there is a partition document.


This is a document issued by the local government that certifies that the property was built following the rules of the city hall where it is located and, therefore, can already be occupied by its owners.


The term characterizes the use of real estate as collateral in the event of non-payment of a loan debt. In other words, in the absence of payment, the creditor can resort to a mortgage, where he can take the debtor’s residence to settle the debt.


Real Estate Transfer Tax is a tax generated and charged by the municipality where the property is located during the buying and selling process, i.e., when the good passes from the old to the new owner.


This defines a form of property acquisition through continuous use. This means, when a person occupies a residence for many years and takes responsibility for it, as if he or she really owned it, and can therefore receive the right of possession over the building.

There are many other terms, but these are essential so that you do not get confused and can understand the meaning of any discussion or document related to the transaction of a property.

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