Technologies are always being renewed! Offering them to the residents of a condominium is to generate well-being, safety, and quality of life for those who live in the space.

Check out this post, the best ideas and technologies that can be implemented in a condominium.

Data management in the cloud

Internally for the condo administrators, remote software in the cloud can be an excellent option to manage and administer records, data, and demands from a distance in an intelligent way. It is possible to customize the software so that each function is applied to the necessary demand of the administration of the condominium. By being in the cloud, security is always greater to ensure that data and information are never lost or forgotten.

Access via biometrics

Biometrics, our fingerprint, is a form of access that we are already familiar with, as we use it on our cell phones and at ATMs in banks. Using the key via biometrics is a very interesting feature to enter the condo’s entrance gate or even the apartment’s front door. This saves time, increases security even more, and allows people not to need to carry keys.

It is also possible to implement facial or voice recognition, but the best current cost-benefit is still the biometric fingerprint, because it presents better results in speed and practicality.

Integrated management

To have a good organization is to prevent the occurrence of human errors. Technology can help create an integrated management of data and information, which helps building superintendents and condominium managers not to make mistakes. Information systems can gather, in a single software, all the necessary information to provide a quick and practical service, suggestions, and solutions for the self-service of the condominium residents.

Surveillance drones

Those who seek to live in a private space, such as a condominium, value total security in their daily lives. Therefore, surveillance drones are great allies for this work. With excellent cost-benefit, the drones are equipped with cameras that transmit live to your security center, they provide total aerial and terrestrial surveillance of the space in which the condominium is built. They are useful especially in remote locations for a surveillance vehicle to enter, for example.




Internet of Things and Smart Home

Our recent construction projects offer residents technologies that are present in our daily lives. Options such as: USB ports in the sockets for charging tablets or cell phones; possibility of installing remote and intelligent lighting for energy saving and practicality. This all allows an integration of the equipment in the palm of your hand, through applications that allow access and remote control of home appliances.

Security by video surveillance
The control through video surveillance underscores the importance of security in the condominium space. The video cameras cross-reference the information and automatically detect if there is any intruder or danger to the residents of the condominium. Facial recognition can be implemented in this type of technology, and if a register is made of all the residents, frequent visitors, and employees of the condominium, the system can be very effective.
Sustainability solutions

Thinking about sustainability and the environment is thinking about our future, nothing better than implementing technological solutions aimed at ecology and nature preservation in the place where we live. We apply in our condominiums, solutions that allow better reuse of the remaining rainwater, energy saving by automatically turning on the lights, and the use of recycled materials in our constructions. Solar panels work to generate savings in the general electric consumption and are always an option to be studied for implementation in our projects and constructions.

VRV already applies several of these technologies in its buildings, stay tuned for new posts in our blog and follow the news in our social networks.