Have you ever heard of sustainable construction? These models of houses and apartments are on the rise in the real estate universe thanks to the many benefits they offer nature and the expenses of builders, developers, and their clients.

Translated from the English term “green building”, these dwellings follow norms and standards to protect forests, rivers, and animals. In other words, they are conceptualized and materialized with the help of modern and more efficient technologies and techniques.

Sustainable buildings can be executed with water catchment and reuse, material recycling, conscious disposal of unusable products, functional architecture techniques, technical monitoring by specialized professionals, among several other ways.

But if this type of real estate is new to you and you would like to know how it can have an impact on the valuation of your home and your lifestyle, read on and find out more!

Financial return for company and resident

Sustainable buildings began to be produced in the 1990s, however, it is only now, twenty years into the new century, that the housing model has begun to gain exorbitant popularity.

One reason for this rapid growth is the returns received by those who build and sell the homes, and also by those who live in them. Recent research data show that the gains can be up to 10 times more than the initial investment.

Another justification for the popularization of this type of housing is the modernity that this new standard gives to the public who wants to escape from the usual without spending too much. In this way, the niche welcomes the public’s wishes and applies them to eco-friendly houses, contemplating even the luxury market.

Preservation of nature from the project to the delivery of the house

The construction industry is known for its large consumption of materials during the creation of houses, buildings, and apartments. Due to this harmful behavior, many companies have started to rethink their methods to reduce environmental problems.

And this is where sustainable construction comes in. The planning of new houses and apartments has gone through a more thorough readjustment process that invests in recyclable materials, reforestation techniques, and waste management, among others.

The analyses made by civil construction professionals seek the integrated planning of a work that is able to combine quality and durability, without losing the excellence of a conventional construction process.

And the measures for nature conservation are covering different aspects, which continue even after the residence is handed over to the dweller. Thus, at the same time that they achieve a reduction in daily expenses, they also contribute to the preservation of greenery.

Sustainable buildings generate more value

Sustainable buildings provide great savings because they use natural resources consciously. Be it in the consumption of raw materials or in the energy and maintenance costs after the conclusion of the work, the values are considerably reduced, consequently generating appreciation.

When these factors are exposed to the market, buyers realize that the advantages go beyond a modern design and a fashionable concept. The final set affects the pocket, a point that makes the property very attractive in the market.

The appreciation in value can reach an incredible 30%. This number can also vary throughout the year, so it is important to follow the fluctuations on digital platforms focused on the evaluation and dissemination of information about properties of this type. Or just talk directly to the builder.

In this way, buyers in this segment will have rewards that can come in the medium and long term. This means, instead of constantly worrying about the amount of the electricity, water, and gas bill, for example, the savings happen naturally due to the unique and innovative construction of the house.

Where to find sustainable construction?

Unfortunately, not all building companies are investing in sustainable construction. But, we have good news for you. VRV is one of the few Brazilian organizations that has this concept as the main pillar for its activities.

So, if you want to have a house with all the positive points mentioned in this publication, come check out our projects in development and units ready to move in. Contact us right now and learn more.

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