Renew the decoration of your apartment with colors

The colors of a given environment are key factors in decorating. We almost always think that the perfect change includes exchanging furniture and decorative items, but sometimes it is enough to change the colors on the wall to give the rooms a new look.

Painting is a powerful resource, with an instant effect, fast application, and very low investment costs. Its impact is so great that it can even affect the residents’ state of mind, bringing a psychological lightness and calming their thoughts. Not changing the paint is a fatal error in redecorating, because, besides the dirt that accumulates after a period, new furniture and pieces may not stand out or harmonize with the environment.

Imagine the walls as a blank slate. The paint is applied the way we want, giving a lot of personality and modernity to the apartment, while at the same time preparing a background for new images (furniture) to be inserted. In other words, beautiful walls are fundamental.

However, colors can still be expressed in wood, decorative items, cloths, carpets, curtains, flooring, etc. We have separated tips for you to renew your apartment with assertiveness and sophistication. Check it out:

Focus points

One possibility is to choose a single wall and illustrate it to be the focus of the decoration. This style is often used in small apartments, often integrated, because it gives the feeling of depth and amplitude. Other positive points are the quick execution of the project and the easy merging with decorations and ornaments.

Room divisions

In homes that do not need walls to divide rooms, a good idea is to contrast the palette of different environments in order to create new atmospheres and delimit spaces. This creates a subtle, yet functional visual division. Bright colors, such as red, cyan, and white, can separate the kitchen from the living room and balcony, for example.

Monochromatic projects

Some people believe that deep shades do not work in small spaces, but this is an outdated concept. Blue and dark green can be used to add nature values to bedrooms and living rooms, while various measures of gray harmonize smoothly with minimalism and industrialism (metal and iron furniture and ornaments).

Highlighting the lighting

The use of light shades in naturally lit places during the day is common, but does not fall into disuse due to its strong functionality. Beauty is only one of the benefits of this method, because during the day, the paintings reflect sunlight, reducing the need for light bulbs that are turned on and, consequently, reducing electricity consumption. In addition to white, “baby colors” are good options.

Repainting your house or apartment is much easier and simpler than you think! For other tips like these, visit VRV’s blog!