The property in the plant is a great opportunity for those who want to buy their own house or make a real estate investment. Acquiring this product directly from the construction company, for example, brings several advantages, the main one being the appreciation of the apartment in the plant.

Would you like to know more about the appreciation of the property in the plant and how this factor can make your life easier in the buying process now and also in the future of your residence? Then continue reading this exclusive material that we have prepared with all the important details. Check it out:

How to measure the appreciation of a property in the plant?

The appreciation of a property in the plant works by measuring its valuation. Purchasing the house directly from the builder not only makes financing easier and cheaper, but it also increases its income potential.

In other words, the brand new property you buy now can work very well as a business currency in the future, either to rent the residence or even to sell it if your goal is to generate income.

After all, it is a new property, newly built, with modern facilities and without the intervention of previous residents, who may have worn out the place.

Now talking in numbers, in the long term, the appreciation rate of the property in the plant can reach numbers between 20% and 50% more than the initial sale price. But to be sure, it is important to evaluate a group of criteria linked to the property. See:

  • Location;
  • Infrastructure in the vicinity;
  • Accessibility for locomotion;
  • Architectural design;
  • Number of bedrooms;
  • Security;
  • Area of leisure and convenience.

Advantages of acquiring a property in the plant

Buying a property in the plant has several advantages. Many of them contribute to the increase in value of the apartment or house. Therefore, when it comes time to choose where to invest your money, make sure that all the points listed below correspond to the real estate company’s proposal.

Financial planning

Buying a property in the planning stage allows you more time to organize yourself financially. Thus, you may be able to save the necessary money while the place is still being built. Furthermore, the payment made now will be much less than a possible resale in the future.


Another positive point of acquiring a property in the planning stage that increases its value is customization. The construction company allows you and the other buyers, if there is an agreement, to make structural changes, especially if the buyer is handicapped.

Thus, the achievement of the dream house or apartment is much easier, and the result will also exceed what is considered satisfactory.


Just like the negotiation of most apartments and houses, the purchase of a property in the plant involves the execution of the Scripture in any Notary Public and also the registration of the registration in the Real Estate Registry Office. All this procedure brings more legal security for both parties.

Solid equity

The purchase of an apartment in the plant is an investment that remains for life, and can be passed on to new generations of the family. After all, it is a durable asset, in a protected space and able to be used for sale and rent, if the family needs the money.

Less bureaucracy

Buying a property in the planning stage means that you will be the first owner. In other words, you will not go through a lot of red tape in the deed and registration process.

In addition, you will not need to check the house or apartment’s registration history and negative certificates, if there are taxes that have not been paid, if the property is legally fit to be sold, among other things.

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