You have finally achieved the dream of home ownership. You have given up renting and now have a space that is uniquely yours and your family’s. But before you move into your new apartment, you need to decorate it and organize all the rooms. Doing this carefully and with a lot of planning is essential to make your routine from that moment on more practical and functional.

It is possible to fill in your apartment with the help of a decoration professional, but if you want to do it yourself, we have separated some tips so that you can make your environments perfect and suitable to the needs of all those who live with you.

Read on and check out our tips and organization!

Start with the paint

Every residence comes to life thanks to colors. It is the paint that covers the walls that determines the mood of the living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and outside area. Be very careful when selecting your color palette, so that it does not hinder more than help the composition of the environment.

The ideal is to choose colors that will match the furniture, nothing too shocking or extravagant so as not to irritate visually and not to go out of style in a short time, demanding a new change of style. Light colors, besides being cozy, help in lighting and give a feeling of amplitude, while dark colors, when well applied, add sophistication and modernity to the room.

The choice of furniture

Furniture involves important factors, such as beauty, functionality, cost, and the desire for consumption. Choosing the furniture may seem easy, after all, you will buy what you always wanted to have, but it is also a task that requires study and care.

Whether it is beautiful or not depends on personal taste, but something is certain, the furniture for a given space needs to be harmonious. Regarding functionality, more than beautiful items, they have to be useful. It is not enough just to have a piece of furniture that will take up space and not be used for anything – small apartments make every centimeter extremely valuable.

A good tip is to go shopping with all the rooms in the apartment measured. Planning is the backbone of furniture choice, having everything listed and imagined allows you to be more assertive and prevents you from buying too much or too big. Budgeting is also indispensable for saving money.

How about planned furniture?

Still on the subject of furniture, planned furniture is a great option for those who want to be even more precise and detailed. When they are made to measure, they perfectly occupy every corner, with no more and no less, not to mention the various functions they can have.

And, despite the cost a little above the average, the planned furniture has a very high aggregate cost-benefit. The raw material used in their composition is more resistant and durable, the construction meets the customer’s needs, and they are unique and full of personality.

Planned furniture can be purchased for any space, including living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even for the balcony.

The appliances

Nowadays, home appliances are more compact, allowing them to be stored in smaller spaces. Some of them are multi-purpose and perform more than one function; these are easily found on the Internet. The right thing to do is to select only those that are indispensable for everyday life, especially electrical appliances that are used in the kitchen.

Among others we have televisions that do not need a stand and can be attached to the walls; fans can be installed on the ceiling; depending on the needs, desktop computers can easily be replaced by laptops; washing machines perform several functions, also saving time; and we have the cooktops, which do away with a large part of a conventional stove, also freeing up space. These are just a few of many examples of compact and essential items.

Decorative items

After acquiring and allocating everything you bought, you can invest in extra embellishment for the apartment. Flowers, ornaments, pictures, lights, and various other ornaments can be explored to give that hint of coziness and individuality that many people want to have in their rooms, for example.

But beware of exaggeration, because, in excess, these small and medium-sized decorations can pollute the visual aspect of the house and even hinder the movement of people, especially when there is a large number of visitors.

I hope you have enjoyed our tips. With them, it will be much easier to prepare your new apartment for your whole family to live in. If you want more tips like these, visit the VRV blog and read many other posts.