With the arrival of the pandemic, it was necessary to take preventive measures to control the virus contagion and prevent new cases of the disease from appearing. Besides the use of masks and alcohol gel to constantly clean hands, the need for social distancing was strongly emphasized by the agencies that took the lead in controlling the epidemic, such as the WHO (World Health Organization).

Avoiding leaving the house or staying at least one meter away from other people made the population seek new methods to continue working. The home office has become the main way out for many professionals. Many companies, including VRV, began to operate remotely, mainly to serve those interested in buying a new house, starting legal processes, paying monthly fees or sending the necessary documents.

Therefore, today VRV would like to present a new resource that will facilitate the lives of many of our clients: the online sales call. This is a new and efficient integrated and exclusive service format, which aims to facilitate to new levels the reality that the population is living – known as “the new normal”.


VRV’s online sales office is much more accessible and practical. Through this service, you can get the apartment of your dreams without having to face queues, schedule complicated hours for your routine and much less leave your house, respecting the security guidelines against COVID-19. All you need is a device with internet access and all the necessary documents in hand to start your call.

Our agents are always connected and available to answer your questions about the projects and units available for purchase. Find out everything you need to know, such as the configuration of the floor plans, available leisure areas, and other spaces in the condominium that call your attention; besides the prices, payment methods, and the possibilities of financing with the help of Caixa Econômica Federal, using the FGTS (Guarantee Fund for Time of Service).


We transport all our experiences and techniques of face-to-face service to the digital universe, where the processes and methods happen in a fast way and with the lowest possible percentage of errors. Thanks to technology, we can satisfy all families completely, with exclusivity and personalized welcome.

VRV’s brokers have been trained to adapt to online media. They are already accustomed to the new format and take full advantage of what it has to offer, with a single focus on the satisfaction of each person who comes to us in search of the perfect home.

VRV’s goal is not to let the crisis triggered by the pandemic affect the population’s desire for a decent home. We will continue to offer modern, comfortable, and sophisticated apartments.

Count on us to invest in a new property with tranquility. Here, you will find transparency, solidity, and commitment. Contact us right now and start a new and glorious phase of your life!
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