After two years of the pandemic, Brazilians’ relationship with their own home has changed a lot. Spending a lot of time indoors makes room for deep reflection and constant analysis about what could be better and what is missing or can be changed. All this can be observed in the decoration trends that are emerging for 2022.

If you’re in the mood to make some modern changes to your home or apartment to feel more comfortable or to gain more space without having to make a reinforcement or having to move, check out the most popular choices that many residents in the country are increasingly embracing. Read on and find out which of these new trends suits you best!


A behavior that became evident during the pandemic is the desire for more space, furniture that is functional, and at the same time fewer objects for cleaning. Residents began to see in light and comfortable environments, sometimes integrated, and with a decoration that does not tire the eyes, a place of full comfort and calm.

All this sums up minimalism. The minimalist decoration brings together straight lines and simple geometric shapes, with superb colors and compact but extremely usable pieces. It is something easy to adhere to, inexpensive, and that fits anywhere. As the coming months go by, this will become an increasingly common decoration.


Still on the topic of more comfortable rooms, another concept that is increasingly sought after by those who want a modern and beautiful house is the insertion of plants, objects, and colors that refer to nature. And this applies to both the inside and outside of the house!

This style allows people to feel connected to life outdoors, a thought that conveys comfort, freedom, and happiness. And the best part is that this effect works even in the busiest urban environment, like the great center of São Paulo, for example.

Having a backyard helps multiply the effect of vegetation in the lives of people who invest in this decoration.

Gold and neutral colors

Finally, the colors! The color palette has always been the centerpiece of every good decoration, and with the change of the year they also change. For 2022, Brazilians are betting on something bolder, but at the same time sober. The owners of houses and apartments have been looking for neutral and earthy tones in partnership with the brilliant gold, which has gained great favor.

The choices have a reason: while earthy and neutral tones refer to stability, gold brings all the sensation of success and wealth, after all, money and growth can never be too much, can they? Gold can appear in furniture and some coverings, but especially in decorative items.

And these are the top three decoration trends for 2022. Did you find one that fits your style and now you want to invest in it? Take advantage of the new cycle to reinvent yourself! Be sure to check out more tips like this one on our blog.