Many people still do not know why they should invest in real estate. Some believe that paying rent is the same as spending thirty years paying off an apartment or a house, but this is not true.

Buying a property is one of the most traditional ways to gain security and improve the lifestyle for you and your family. And you can do it right now!

Besides this, there are many other ways to invest in real estate, such as establishing your own equity, ensuring stability for your future generations, and even generating a source of income by renting to others.

Would you like to know more about these reasons to invest in real estate right now, among others? Then keep reading this blog for more details. Read on:

Top Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

We have selected a list with the four main reasons for you to invest in real estate as soon as possible. Remember that this is a procedure full of details that need your maximum attention and care so that nothing goes wrong.

Some companies provide guidance so that the formalities happen smoothly, thus avoiding headaches in the future and making it easier to conquer a new property. Now, check out our list of reasons below:


Security is one of the main reasons for investing in real estate.

Nowadays, people want to live, work, study, among others, in a place where they do not feel threatened. Therefore, there will always be a demand for professionals in the building or the neighborhood to ensure their well-being.

Builders, developers, and salespeople have taken this concept seriously, seeking to guarantee technological and modern resources that help in the security of the spaces. In other words, it is not so difficult to find the ideal place these days.

Appreciation potential

Another factor that should lead you to invest in real estate is the impact on the real estate market caused by the Brazilian housing deficit, which reaches 5.5 million homes, according to IBGE figures.

This fact allied to the population increase in Brazil stimulates a consistent increase in demand for new real estate. This effect causes existing properties to appreciate in value, since companies do not have the capacity to build on this scale.

There are still other factors that increase the appreciation, such as the quality of the architectural project and how differentiated it is.

Tax benefits

It is possible to acquire tax benefits when investing in real estate. Depending on how you make the investment, you can count on deductions in mortgage interest, operating expenses, insurance, and depreciation.

By the way, did you know that for those who sell a residential property, there are income tax exemptions if the person uses all the money from the sale to buy another residential property in the country within 180 days? It is true!

There is also an income tax exemption if the cost of the sale does not exceed R$400 thousand, as long as the owner has not sold any other property in the last five years.

So the investment you make now can become a great security in the future!

Protection against inflation

The value of the installments of the purchase of a property, rent, payments, and other real estate transactions are automatically updated by the INCC (National Index of Civil Construction).

The INCC is a rate calculated monthly by the Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) to measure the increase in the costs of inputs used in housing construction, in other words, a type of price inflation index for this sector.

Thus, it is possible to invest in real estate for development or rent and feel well guided in the issues of collection and payment, in a direct and solid way.

Now that you know the reasons to invest in real estate, you can start your journey right now. All you have to do is get financially organized and get your own property to use it as you wish!

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