Investing in real estate is the best alternative for those who seek a more comfortable life. Having your own apartment means having more security, including financial security. But it is important that, before starting the buying process, you clarify all your doubts and gain knowledge about the process.

The good news is that anyone can invest in their own home, especially you, even more so now that the Brazilian economy is heating up and several issues are back in favor of the Brazilian pocket due to vaccination and pandemic control.

Anyway, now that the procedures are easier, the important thing is to think about how to buy. So, let’s go? Take your notebook and keep reading this text to be aware of everything you need to know to buy an apartment still this year!

A good amount of money

The price of a property is the basis of everything, so some buyers resort to an extra income to realize this dream, which can be an alternative for you as well.

Besides the fixed monthly income, it is possible to do small side jobs and open a savings account to keep the amounts you receive, so there is no risk of unnecessarily spending what you have earned for a higher purpose.

Other ways to save a lot of money is by doing a financial planning, where you pay off your most complicated debts, control and cut expenses to make your money work, take strategic loans, among several other possibilities.

A project that fits in your pocket

Comfort and value are issues that should go hand in hand, and because of this you need to choose an apartment that offers all the necessary resources to live well, but that also has a price compatible with your reality. Make a detailed list with pros and cons, and avoid the options that you know you will not be able to afford or that will not provide the comfort you are looking for.

Financing when necessary

There are four ways of doing a financing: Housing Finance System (SFH) – done through banks’ real estate programs, such as Casa Verde and Amarela -, direct financing by the construction company, the mortgage portfolio, and the Real Estate Finance System.

Their main differences are the interest rates that each way provides, the payment options, forms of debt amortization, exclusive benefits, correction index, paperwork and procedures, then many other details.

Using your FGTS

If you are a salaried worker, you should know that your FGTS (Employment Time Guarantee Fund) can be used as a down payment on the apartment. For this, it is necessary to comply with some rules and requirements, such as having at least three years of work under the CLT regime, not having any other housing financing open, not having another property in your name, etc.

Learn more about the use of FGTS to buy an apartment by clicking here.


VRV is always willing to help you

This type of investment may be something totally new to you, so numerous doubts may arise. With this in mind, we make it clear that you need not be afraid to ask for help; after all, we are here to make this process a success in your life.

We offer advice regarding the contract and paperwork, but that doesn’t stop you from evaluating all the details on your own, doing your own research, and even asking other professionals for technical help.

Considering all the topics mentioned above, it is possible to buy an apartment still this year! Talk to one of our brokers and find out more.