Have you ever thought of living in Americana? Or better yet, in the best located region of this city in the interior of São Paulo? VRV has a great opportunity for you: the brand new Colline Residencial, a modern and sophisticated project, made for those who value comfort, security and moments of leisure and fun with family and friends.

Americana is a municipality in the Microregion of Campinas that occupies an area of 133.630 square kilometers. The city is still in constant evolution, with irreverent tourist attractions and a great center for shopping, sightseeing, and countless cultural events that take place every year. It is a busy life for those who seek it, but also a calm place for those who want it. In other words, it is ideal for all tastes.

And it was in this city that VRV Construction developed Colline. A unique project, which explored all the main trends of contemporary architecture in order to develop cozy and receptive dwellings for large and small families, couples, and even for those who prefer to live alone. Get to know what our ready-to-move-in residential has to offer below. Read on:

Structure of the development

The Colline Residential structure has a single tower with 16 stories on the ground floor and two basement levels. For the residents’ transportation, two technological elevators with updated protection measures were installed, ensuring worry-free use. In all, there are 101 apartments already for sale.

The parking lot is located outside, 70% of which is underground. Each family can have from 1 to 2 parking spaces. The entrance gate and the security system work 24 hours, aiming to meet and provide a calmer, safer, and more comfortable lifestyle all the time.

This is a true architectural work, with an exceptional and bold style.

Leisure area

In the case of Colline Residencial, the leisure area transforms the common spaces into attractive environments. It meets all the entertainment needs and improves the lifestyle that the future residents demand.

The Party Room plays the main role in the routine of those who would like to hold events, get-togethers, and other celebrations. The gym, which nowadays cannot be missing, is complete and intended for the practice of physical exercises, which cause a huge improvement in physical and mental health.

In addition, these areas help to enhance the value of the development and assist in the interaction among the residents. Due to the daily routine, it is common to run out of time for other activities. But with options practically right at home, it’s sloppy not to set aside a little time for something out of the ordinary.


Humanized floor plans give residents a totally unexpected and indescribable experience. Leaving the rent and buying an apartment with VRV turns out to be the best decision of a family’s life, and they only realize this after they accommodate all the furniture and decoration.

There is 50.53m² of private area per unit. It is a large and receptive square meter, already equipped with the essential features that guarantee a good long life. The main differentials are the two bedrooms, the suite, a gourmet balcony to relax on weekends and even to prepare special meals, the American kitchen that optimizes space and people’s movement, and the expanded living room to accommodate all kinds of furniture and appliances.

Your investment needs to be smooth and with all the details well taken care of. Contact VRV and find out how we can help you change your life today. Come to Colline!