Our home always needs to reflect our face, to have our brand so that we can really arrive in our property and can call it home, yours truly!


One of the main points of a home is the color of the environments, which can be harmonized in different ways, they can all have the same color, working on details and furniture in different colors to stand out, or they can have one or two walls with different colors, or they can be daring and have different colors on several walls, making the experience of living there special and unique.


However, not only the colors are important, or the combination of different colors, but the type of paint is also important, because each wall can be made of a different type of material, and, not only that, the environments of the house can have different effects on the wall paints, because we have humid environments, warmer environments, environments with air circulation, among others.


So we have separated a brief explanation of each type of paint so that you know how to choose the best one for your environments:


Latex or PVA Paint


Latex paint is a water-based paint with a matte finish, offering low resistance to the sun and low washability. Although it is cheaper, it is indicated for internal walls or ceilings, which do not require maintenance or constant cleaning. It can also be applied on masonry, plaster, and wood.


Acrylic Paint


Acrylic paint is also a water-based paint that can be found in three different finishes, which makes it more versatile: matte, semi-gloss, and satin. Different from Latex, acrylic paint is indicated for painting on external or internal walls in general and adheres well to masonry, plaster, porous ceramics, lime plaster, brick, concrete, and even cement.


Enamel Paint


A paint that can be water or solvent based, influencing in the drying time, because the solvent-based enamel paints take longer to dry and have a strong smell, that characteristic smell of paint. The water-based enamel paints, on the other hand, do not have this smell and dry faster. This paint has a good resistance to sun and rain, and is recommended for wood or metal surfaces, especially for external areas. Enamel paints are found in matte, high gloss and satin finishes.


Oil Paint


Oil paint has an oily binding compound, which makes the characteristic of this paint impermeable, and it is well indicated for environments that may require different types of finishes, such as furniture, doors and windows, having good adherence to wood, iron, or steel. Oil paint is found in matte and gloss finishes.


Epoxy Paint


Epoxy paint can also be a water-based or solvent-based paint. This paint has the characteristic of being resistant to the action of time and chemical products, giving the surface that was applied a more durable color. Although it has this durability, it is a difficult paint to apply and requires knowledge and the correct technique to be done correctly. Epoxy paint is indicated to be applied on floors, tiles and fiberglass.




Varnishes can be found being water-based and solvent-based. There are colorless and pigmented varnishes of the most diverse colors, but they usually imitate wood tones. Their main characteristic is to form a protective film that protects the wooden surfaces, waterproofing them against the action of water. There are also the stain varnishes, which act differently, being absorbed by the wood, making them water-repellent, i.e., even more resistant to water, requiring less maintenance.


As previously mentioned, varnishes are indicated for wood surfaces, but it is worth remembering that they must be studied to see which one best solves what you need. For example, the colorless Stain should not be applied to a surface that receives constant and direct sunlight and humidity, because deterioration is faster. The same effect be for resinous wood.




With the types of paints in mind, take some time to plan the environments in your home in order to get the best use out of them, thinking about the finishes you want for the environments, as well as the colors and more technical issues, such as the quantity to be purchased, tools for application, and whether you will need professional help to apply the paints to the chosen surfaces.


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