In Brazil, the German Corner was commonly found in stores, restaurants, cafes, bistros, and other food stores. Over time, this piece of furniture began to appear in Brazilian homes because it was an efficient way to accommodate more people around a table.

But the real explosion of interest in the German Corner happened with the growth in sales of small apartments which, consequently, demands from the residents intelligent and optimized layouts so that the reduced space is not a big problem in everyday life.

Instead of dining rooms, families started to buy corners and, nowadays, there are countless models, from the most conventional to the most fashionist, which even include drawers, chests, among other compartments.

Check out below some great guidelines for you to increase your apartment with a stylish and modern German Corner. Read on:


The German Corner can be positioned in a variety of ways in a small apartment. Even with very little space, creativity can solve any problem that may arise. And in the case of this furniture, the right positioning and a touch of daring unlock any complicated situation.

The first step is to research the format options for organizing the corner. On the Internet, especially on image sites, you can find several inspirations and numerous possibilities for positioning, ranging from walls with or without windows to the corners of collective environments.


Many apartments are being delivered with kitchen and living room integrated, and the German Corner is great to occupy this environment.

If the layout is favorable, the corner can become a room divider, giving more charm and functionality to the residence. The back of the bench can become a support for the counter, which automatically gives extra space in your dining room.

And, regardless of its position, whoever is sitting on it will be able to interact with people passing through both the living room and the kitchen.


Still thinking about saving space, some German Corner sofas have extra compartments and features designed to make everyday life in the home easier.

One of these features is the drawers. Considering the size of some properties nowadays, the more drawers an apartment has, the better it will be to accommodate items that would be left lying around, such as pillows, slippers, shoes, and several others.

“Trunk sofas are another option. Because they are bigger and more spacious, deciding between the chest version and the drawer version ends up depending a lot on each person’s needs.


If you don’t want to buy standard pieces from the factory, you can ask companies specialized in decoration to manufacture a German Corner according to your wishes and needs. That is, with the ideal size and style.

Normally, planned furniture like the ones in this suggestion usually cost a little more than the market average, however, they have high cost-benefit, since they are made with high quality raw material, qualified labor, and therefore last for many years.


Finally, for you to feel completely satisfied with your German Corner, don’t forget to insert personality into the decoration. There are many models on the market, and customizing them is not difficult.

Invest in mirrors to give a feeling of amplitude in the walls, find different formats for tables and chairs, bet on lighting in multiple directions, carpets and pillows of different colors and materials, and so on. It all depends on what helps to make your home cozier.

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