After buying the apartment of one’s dreams, new concerns begin to arise, such as decoration and the arrangement of the furniture in the room. Many people only prepare for the buying phase of the property and, when it’s time to decorate, they have difficulties. But don’t worry, this article will help you to decorate with very little money!


Using your creativity and, mainly, a lot of planning, you will be able to adjust the purchase of furniture and appliances so that they fit in your pocket. Want to see?



Planning each space in the room should be the first step. So, start by measuring each room of the apartment, making a drawing on paper, as in a project. Also take the measurements of the furniture you want to simulate their arrangement in the room. This is important because it will give you a better notion of how the space in each room will be and will avoid unnecessary expenses with furniture that does not fit and/or does not harmonize properly with the environment.



After measuring your space, devote yourself to preparing a list with all the furniture and appliances you need. At this stage it is important that you define the models, measurements, colors, and what your priorities are. It is also recommended to leave a space on the list to write down the minimum and maximum values found, so you will have a more reliable price average. With the list ready, it is time to research the prices!



Obviously you will want your apartment to be fully furnished soon, but this is a time-consuming process, especially when money is tight. That’s why it’s essential that you start planning the rooms by first considering the furniture that will provide the most usefulness for your daily routine.



Before buying new furniture, why not see if there is any old furniture that is worth restoring? Many people save a lot of money by furnishing entire apartments with used furniture. You can look at thrift stores, flea markets, social networking groups, or websites such as Mercado Livre.



After you have considered everything we have said so far, here comes the best part: getting ready to make the purchases. Each purchase must be carefully planned so that the payment will not affect your monthly budget so much. So prepare a shopping schedule, marking which furniture and appliances will be purchased in order of importance, amount and date.



If you have the time, creativity, and inclination, you can accept the challenge of making the furniture yourself. Although it is a bit more work, this is a way to furnish your apartment for very little money. What’s more, by getting hands-on, you can create unique and very personalized furniture according to your taste and needs.

Many pallets and wooden boxes, for example, are thrown away every day. How about using them to create bed frames, sofas, coffee tables or wall shelves? On Google and Youtube there are several blogs and channels with ideas on how to make your own furniture. Take advantage of these tips to save money and have an eco-friendly apartment.


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