Have you decided to give up renting and want to finally buy your own apartment, but realized that the mission of choosing the dream property is more complicated than you imagined? Don’t worry, because VRV is here to facilitate this process and lead you towards success!

There are several factors that must be taken into account during the selection process, and to help you organize them and uncomplicate the situation we have separated five incredible tips that will make all the difference at this moment of your life. Read on to learn everything you need to know.

Check safety issues

Are you tired of passing through strange places when you go to work, go to the market, or take your children to school? Choosing a new apartment is the right time to get rid of dangerous and suspicious neighborhoods. The new condominiums are built in a prime location in the city, with a beautiful view, and supervised by police and guards.

In addition, these condominiums usually have modern 24-hour security systems, doormen, and sentry boxes that will prevent strangers who would cause a nuisance from entering the premises. Just talk to the builder to be sure that this exists or will exist.

Get to know the local commerce and see if it is accessible

Another big factor that will help you choose the perfect apartment to live in is whether there is a valuable commercial center in the area of the apartment. Having a market, pharmacy, school, gas station, access roads and other services nearby is more than a differential, they are essential issues that can change the buying decision. Check which items are indispensable for your routine and locate them in the neighborhood, calculate the distance and think about whether it is worth living there.

Know about the region’s valuation

A recurring situation among families who buy their first property is to buy in places that are still undervalued by the market. In lucky cases, a few years later the appreciation increases and they double or triple in value. But this only happens when several different factors are changed, which is possible to predict whether it will happen or not.

When choosing your apartment, remember that the more an area increases in value, the higher the prices of products and services nearby will be. If you have doubts about this, seek help from a professional.

Check if you can take on a long-term debt

This is an important item to be studied, but despite this, many people let it go unnoticed as a topic like “what color will the walls be?”. This is very wrong, because the monthly payment cannot exceed 30% of your monthly income. You have to have some money left over for other expenses and emergencies.

If you think it is necessary, talk to a financial expert to find out if your financial planning can support the debt that will replace the rent. It is also important to talk to a trusted real estate professional to see what credit and financing possibilities are available – such as the federal government’s Green and Yellow House.

Discover the benefits and differentials of the condominium

More than just living in a nice apartment, you will be inserted in a condominium that must have different facilities so that your experience there is as complete as possible. So, choose wisely the place where you will live for long and long years.

Check the services offered, such as garbage recycling, cleaning frequency of the common areas, usage rules, types and which employees work there, etc. And also check the leisure facilities, which ones and how many there are, after all, in the free time and on the weekends there is nothing better than having fun without going too far from home.

With a little patience, effort and dedication, you will manage to choose the perfect apartment to buy!

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