There is no more magical moment in the lives of two people than marriage. From this moment on, souls in love begin to live as one, sharing possessions, interests, dreams and, of course, a single house. But marriage is only the symbol of the beginning of a new journey, a lot still lies ahead, so it takes calm, organization, and a lot of willpower to achieve the dreams you both have.

In today’s post we are going to talk about the lovebirds who are getting married soon and really want to own their own property. After all, with the magical ceremony and the most exciting party of your life, it is no longer feasible to spend a huge amount of money on rent and other bills, is it?

VRV has prepared a set of valuable tips for you and your partner to organize your monthly budget and conquer, once and for all, the apartment of your dreams. Are you curious? Read on:


Many people believe that planning and financial education is something for “rich people”, but this is a big mistake. It is also a mistake to think that it is too complicated to prepare for a big investment, after all, the tighter you are with your monthly earnings, the more valuable the couple’s economic preparation will be.

Below you can check out essential steps for a plan to purchase a house or apartment, depending on preference. Take a look:


The first step is vital for the next decision making. Both of you should stay centered and realistic with your wishes and expectations, after all, buying a home right after having a wedding party must weigh heavily on both people’s pockets.

Therefore, when thinking about the house or apartment, it is necessary to evaluate how much money each one has and how much is left to achieve what they want. Of course, this always includes the possible expenses that will be encountered along the way.


There are several alternatives for buying a property besides paying in cash. You can ask for financial credit from credit promoters, take out a real estate consortium or join government projects, mainly because they value new families that wish to have their own and first home together.

However, the most popular option, and one that is increasingly working well for Brazilians, is to join the Green and Yellow House program, a reformulation of the former Minha Casa Minha Vida.

The way it works is simple, it grants real estate financing for families with certain income brackets and who meet certain requirements. It also offers easier payment terms and allows the use of the FGTS balance to deduct a percentage of the down payment, further reducing the monthly installment.


Understanding the limit of your monthly budget is important to know which responsibilities can be taken on without going into the red. For example, when buying a house, if the financing is still in the planning stage, it is possible to pay the down payment in installments. Anyway, even if it is possible to pay smaller installments, it is very important to set a monthly spending limit for security and stability reasons.


If both of you have decided not to start investing immediately, then you have time to plan and save money. It can be by cutting unnecessary expenses, paying off or avoiding new debts, saving the credit card or finding an extra source of income.

After that, all that is left to do is to define the period in which they intend to start achieving their dream and, until then, save as much as possible.

Having a deadline helps to put plans into action so that the preparations are not left to the last minute. The next step is to evaluate what is worth paying for in cash and when it needs to be paid.

By following these tips and sticking to your goal, you’ll soon have the home you’ve dreamed of and be living the happily ever after with the partner you love so much.

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