Among our buyers, whether they are investors or people who are buying their first property, there are always common doubts about the housing financing system with Caixa Econômica Federal. That is why we will answer some of the most common doubts here in this article. Let’s go?

Each of Caixa’s credit lines has different characteristics and the best way to understand how each one of them will apply to your reality is through the Caixa Housing Simulator, where the person enters the data referring to his/her family income, values, and installments. Remember that this simulation can be done on the site and it is free.

To access the simulator, click here.

  • What is the difference between property value, down payment, financing value, and balance due?

The down payment is a percentage of the value of the property that will be paid by the buyer with his own resources and/or with resources from his FGTS account. The amount referring to the Guarantee Fund is made available to the seller by the Caixa Econômica Federal;

The value of the financing is the difference between the value of the property and the down payment. It is exactly how much the bank will release for the seller to add to the down payment and pay for the property;

The outstanding balance is everything that remains to be paid on the contract.


  • Do I need a guarantor to contract Caixa’s housing loan?

No, because the property itself is given as a guarantee.


  • Do I need to have my name cleared with the credit agencies to get a housing loan?

Yes, it is important that there are no restrictions linked to the CPF of the buyers and sellers of the property, otherwise the Caixa will not release the credit for the financing.


  • What are the repayment systems for the outstanding balance?

You can use the Constant Amortization System (SAC) and the French Amortization System (SFA, also known as the PRICE Table).


  • What is the maximum amount of housing financing?

For SFH contracts the amount is up to R$1.5 million, and in the SFI there is no limit, meeting the percentage determined by the quota.


  • When does the installment payment occur?

The first payment is due 30 days after signing the contract. You can choose the due date when you sign the contract or change it during the life of the financing.


  • How can I use the FGTS in my housing contract?

✓ Use it as a down payment on the financing;

✓ Use it to amortize the outstanding balance;

Pay up to 80% of the installment amount;

Pay off the outstanding balance.


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