Having an apartment is synonymous with day-to-day practicality. But do you think your apartment is too small? We’ll show you some tips to transform your space and make the most of your home!


Use light colors

Smaller rooms make you feel claustrophobic and cramped. But you can solve this in a simple way: Use light colors! The lighter the room is, whether in lighting, furniture color, or wall color, the greater the feeling of spaciousness and tranquility you will have in the room. You can even dare with the use of wallpaper prints, as long as they are minimalist or of small formats.

Bet on pastel tones for the ceiling and walls, and if you want to add a little more color, use stronger colors at the bottom, such as floor and baseboards, and go up with shades (of the same color or neutral colors) at the top… Walls that are darker than the floor give the room a boxy feeling. Avoid using the same color floor and walls.


Large windows

Windows are the points where you can admire the surroundings of your apartment… but that’s not all they are for!

Your window can be a great ally in amplitude if it has few or no blockages such as railings and so on. The windows can stand out for their visual aspect, windows with large glass panes bring refinement to your environment. If you choose tempered glass, you will still have an improvement of up to 20% in external noises, besides being safer than common glass.

Besides the improvement in the visual aspect, your house will be more ventilated with a good source of ventilation. But be careful! We don’t want you to give up the use of screens. Safety always comes first, and if you have children and pets in your apartment, double your attention.


Giant furniture is the enemy of small spaces

It may seem like it’s better to have big furniture in order to use a lot of hidden space, but we all know the terror of furniture like big bookshelves or closets. They can hold a lot of things that will get in the way of the whole idea of a minimalist environment, but they also end up holding trinkets that you know you will never use, but keep for no reason.

Another possibility is to use built-in appliances and electronics. You gain useful space to move around without bumping into anything.


This brings us to the gold topic…

Detachment and Self-Storage


Things that don’t make sense inside your home can be donated or sold to free up some space. If it is of no use to you, it may be of use to someone else!

Maybe you don’t exactly want to have to let go of some things, and that’s fine. You can use self-storage… but what is self-storage?

In some places you have a garage or a cage-like space in the basement to store your stuff. When this is not possible, you can also rent small spaces from companies that specialize in personal storage. For a small fee per month, you keep your home free of trinkets and don’t have to say goodbye to a cherished item!




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