What does the dining room mean to you? As we can see from the historical series, it has long been used for large festivities, with various types of food, elaborate tablecloths, well-crafted arrangements, and fancy tableware and cutlery sets. In extreme cases, the owners invested excessively in the decoration and kept this area reserved for the largest celebrations and meetings.

Today, the dining room still brings people together, especially families, two to three times a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is still one of the most celebrated and necessary spaces, which is perhaps why it needs special attention.

What do you use your dining room for? Are you satisfied with its decoration? Do you think it is possible to improve it further? Throughout this post we will present five decorating tips to make your dining room look better than it already is, full of warmth and refinement. Read on and find out more!


There are two main types of tables you can choose from: round and rectangular.

A rectangular table is the best option for small and narrow environments; besides accommodating a good number of people, the surface organization is practical. The round model, on the other hand, is more compact and can fit into different spaces, providing a different layout for the room. The second option does not have a defined number of seats, so you can always add another chair.

And remember that the size of the table must always be proportional to the space you have at home.


In the market you can find chairs with or without arms. In small spaces, the best is to choose compact chairs without arms, which facilitate the movement of people. But, if you prefer the models with arms, pay attention to the size of these extra parts. Measure their height in relation to the table to be sure that everything “fits” perfectly.

Tip: have extra chairs at home, in case you ever have guests and they need places to sit.


The lighting cannot be forgotten or left aside when you decorate your dining room, after all, it is one of the main factors that define how cozy an environment is.

The light needs to be diffused, because it is soft, does not generate strong contrasts and shadows, and does not disturb people’s vision. This effect is achieved with strong lamps combined with milky glass ceiling lights. If it is a lamp focused directly on the table, the light can reflect in the eyes of the seated person or heat up the environment too much.


Walls with light colors are great allies of a cohesive and modern decoration, because they help to amplify the sensation of space in the room. To increase this effect, you can still put one or more mirrors on the walls, but make a point of using them at table height or, if possible, covering a single corner.

But if mirrors are not your thing, to make everything even more receptive, opt for pictures of flowers and fruits to enhance the scenery.


The subject of rugs in dining rooms usually polarizes opinions. But regardless of this, it can indeed be used in this environment. However, it is necessary to pay attention to some rules to ensure the good use of the item and make it a very functional decorative piece.

The ideal is that the rug has a low texture so as not to accumulate dirt and make cleaning easier. And to avoid accidents it is recommended to leave a part of the carpet under the chairs, this prevents the furniture from getting tangled and prevents the formation of folds that can cause tripping and slipping.

With these tips, you can put together your perfect kitchen and delight your family and friends whenever you prepare dinner and bring them together!

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