The buying and selling value of a property is defined by a number of factors. These characteristics are true differentials that can draw the attention of more buyers, such as location, floor plan, finish, garage, garden, leisure areas, and much more.

Whoever is choosing a house or an apartment will take these details into account, especially if they have the right qualities to fulfill the buyer’s requirements. Since the house is a safe haven, it is more than usual to pay attention to these minutiae.

In this post, we will point out the main features that add value to a property, help increase its value in the market, and make it more attractive to customers. Read on and find out more:

The main features that enhance the value of a property

If you are looking for a new home, these characteristics will help you measure and compare the cost-benefit of the options on the market. But if you want to sell a property, the list below will ensure that you set a fair price. Take a look:


Location is one of the most critical factors for a property. Everyone wants to live in a house or apartment in a neighborhood with a good infrastructure, close to schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and other relevant and basic needs.

Therefore, the demand for this detail is high. After all, it must be very pleasant not to take too long to get to work, to be able to buy that warm bread for breakfast in minutes, or simply to get out of the subway, turn the corner and go home.

Floor plan

A well-planned floor plan, with well-distributed spaces, both inside and outside, also draws attention and adds value to a residence. Other eye-catching plant possibilities are those with integrated spaces, without walls to divide rooms, but with a bold and modern design to delimit the vibe of each environment.

The positioning in relation to the sun, to the ventilation areas, and to the view are three other factors that need to be highlighted. After all, nobody wants to buy a property that needs to be entirely renovated.


All details are important when it comes to defining the value or purchasing a property. Therefore, it is important to pay as much attention as possible. Quality flooring, paint, integrity of the baseboards, outlets and switches, locks, among many other issues influence the valuation (or devaluation).

It is always good to review these points carefully and make sure that the advertised value does justice to the care that has been applied to the house or apartment.

Leisure areas

Sometimes, what is exposed outside the house, but very close by, also becomes a feature that increases the valuation of a property, even more if the house or apartment is established within a residential condominium style sports club.

People have been spending more and more time indoors and trying to avoid going too far away. For this reason, areas such as playground and toy room for children, party room, swimming pool, gym, and sports court, among other spaces, “indoors”, become important and great attractions.


Last but not least, safety. This is a very important issue when deciding whether the property is ideal or not to live in, thus adding more value to it. The developments that invest in security are the consumers’ favorites. 24-hour security at the entrance, in the garage, in the hallways, internal spaces, and even inside the apartments and houses is a differential.

By analyzing these issues, it is possible to know if a particular property is worth your investment and has the most appropriate cost-benefit. Check out more posts like this one on our blog.