Do you know how to invest your money? So today we will show you the advantages of investing your money safely in real estate investment funds.

It’s no news that investing in real estate is a very safe alternative. Investing in real estate funds is the most advantageous option when it comes to appreciation of the capital invested.

Whether for your own home or for renting, the real estate that gives the most return are the ones bought in the planning stage. The interest rates are lower and the purchase price is lower than the price of ready-to-go properties.  This difference is due to the fact that real estate in the plant is a long-term investment, for those who are not in a hurry to move in or use the property immediately, since the construction period is around 36 months.


Exactly because of this long waiting period, we have separated 4 tips for you not to make a mistake when choosing your property in the plant:


Know how much you can spend

Although it is obvious, many people look for real estate without knowing the value of the property and the installments or how much they can pay.

It is important that you know your financial limits and take into consideration that there will be expenses for furniture and decoration when you can finally move into the property.

Be aware of the rates that will be readjusted annually and take this difference into consideration in future installments.


Visit the site at different times

Visiting the future construction site is essential! Do this on different days and times to get to know the neighborhood routine, the streets around the future development.

An example: if you visited the stand on the site on a Sunday, you will most likely find empty streets and little movement. But the traffic on weekdays may be noisier and more hectic, etc.


Know all the contract clauses

Knowing your contract well can prevent major headaches. Record the whole negotiation process via e-mail, keep folders and brochures, photograph mock-ups. They will be the material that you will be able to check if the progress of the works is as agreed.

Read the whole contract. Many people read only a part of the document and end up not knowing their rights and duties as a buyer. Read all the letters!


Consider having guarantees for the security of your investment

If you have doubts, ask. Clarifying all the questions about what you need to know is fundamental to prepare for the use of your property. Getting to know other developments of the same construction company is also a possibility to understand the coexistence, structure, and remove possible doubts by viewing a project that has already been delivered.


Now that you know how to prepare yourself to invest in real estate, you can count on the commitment and quality of VRV’s projects. Visit our decorated apartments and find out how to buy your property with special payment conditions!


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