The new year has already begun and brought with it many opportunities for renewal. Many people take advantage of the first of the new twelve months to exchange old things for new, such as clothes, toys, appliances, and especially the decoration of their homes. In some cases, certain families are even able to exchange their homes for new ones.

Due to the pandemic, many people started to understand their homes differently. They began to analyze what is really necessary in their lives and what can make their daily lives more comfortable. Thus, the concern for well-being has become even heavier when deciding what goes in and what comes out the front door. Experts in decoration and architecture say that this thought will not change throughout 2021 and multifunctionality and connection with nature will still be important guidelines.

Thinking about this, the VRV Group separated for you the main decoration trends for 2021. Read on and check it out!

Nature elements

The urban jungle style is already prominent in millenials’ houses and apartments and, as it seems, it will not go out of fashion.

Wood (or wood imitation) floors and furniture, in both light and dark shades, will be widely used.

Ceiling, floor, and wall coverings are a good option to harmonize the room.

And finally, small and medium-sized plants will increasingly gain prominence in the spaces, hanging in pots in the living room or bedrooms, or as vertical gardens in the kitchens.

Photographs and paintings

Due to the digital age, printed photos have fallen into disuse, except in some cases. But in 2021 they are coming back with everything to decorate living rooms and bedrooms. Combined with pictures with charming frames, the combo becomes even more powerful and acquires new and creative applications. In case you don’t want to use pictures, one option is to put only pictures with positive messages or illustrations in the place you prefer.

Colors and textures

As the intention is to create cozy and calm spaces, places of collective use should be filled with light shades, in the same spectrum as white, gray, and beige. While rooms that require creativity, the use of blue, green, red, and yellow is valid.

Custom wallpapers are also great alternatives, and can have various textures and prints.


Besides being practical and extremely useful, mirrors of different shapes, sizes, and with or without frames, attribute modernity to the rooms. One of their most interesting functions is to create a feeling of amplitude in small places. However, it is necessary to be careful not to exaggerate in the quantity.


Lighting can improve or worsen the comfort of the environment, so it is necessary to pay special attention when installing and choosing the lamps and fixtures.

You should also use the windows to your advantage, because natural lighting during the day, besides being good for the residents, helps to reduce the cost of electricity.

Handicraft objects

Cute and easy to find (or to make yourself), handcrafted decorative objects are making a comeback thanks to the comfort, simplicity, and originality they bring to homes.

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