What would become of families if their homes did not have a living room? This is where we receive visitors, relax, and bring the family together to watch a movie, a soap opera, or a series. Most of the time it is occupied by someone, so it must be decorated and furnished in a beautiful and cozy way.

Preparing a modern living room that meets all our needs is not difficult, just be aware of important factors such as space, furniture, decorative elements and style to be followed. Thus, the look is far from being a mess, pleases all the residents of the residence, and surprises those who come from outside.

If you are still going to decorate your living room or are thinking about repainting it, check out the tips below prepared by VRV:

Know the measurements of your room

This first step is fundamental. Before you go shopping, know in detail the size of the available space, especially if the place is compact. You can ask a professional to help you get the measurements or use a common tape measure, but the more exact the information is, the better. If everything is properly written down, the chances of buying a piece of furniture and it not fitting or taking up more space than it should, will be very small.

Think about circulation

Taking the hook from the previous topic, thinking about the circulation of the residents within that room is a primary factor of a functional living room. After all, nobody wants to be tripping over carpets, sofas, coffee tables and racks, or bumping into other people. When buying furniture, avoid overdoing it, and when arranging it, make sure you leave enough room for people to circulate smoothly.

Choose a style

Minimalist, contemporary, gothic, oriental, stripped, natural, and so on… There are countless decoration styles that can be used, but the important thing is to choose the one that suits you and your family best. It is essential to consider the personality of each resident, observe their tastes and preferences, and only then put together a pleasant design. It can be difficult to reconcile the opinions of four or five people in one project, but that’s the fun part of the process: doing everything as a family.

“Less is more

This popular saying is often remembered by interior designers during the development of a new project. A small room can’t be loaded with decorations and trinkets, because not only is it too much to clean up, it suffocates those who settle into the space. Avoiding exaggeration ensures a cozy and fluid place. Always consider using only what is necessary, timely, and that adds some relevant aesthetic value.

Bet on light colors on the walls

Many people don’t know it, but light tones give space to the rooms, enhance lighting, and also transmit feelings of calm and tranquility. This is a matter of harmony and balance, because the furniture and other decorative elements need to agree with the painting. In some details, for example small items and furniture, dark colors can appear in order to cause contrast and modernize the project. Be creative!

Following these tips, it is possible to build the living room of your dreams, beautiful, pleasant, and functional.

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