Our bedroom is our refuge, a totally intimate and safe place for us, where we rest, think, and spend a good part of our time. Thus, the organization and decoration reflect our habits and tastes, saying a lot about our personality, isn’t it?

When the subject is children’s rooms, it’s no different. Even if the child doesn’t have well-defined preferences, it is essential that the room is comfortable, conveys to the child a feeling of security, and brings references to the child’s attitudes and tastes. There are no fixed rules, but thinking about the feelings that the environment will convey is very important.

What really matters is to create a comfortable and harmonious environment where the child feels comfortable to play, sleep, and bring his/her friends.

Check out different techniques and ideas for decorating your children’s room creatively, using furniture, colors, and other decorative elements appropriately.

Let’s talk a little bit about ideas for decorating children’s rooms…

Even taking away the idea of stereotypes, it is important to take into consideration what the child likes and its characteristics.

Check out some ideas for decorating your children’s room and learn how to use each decorative element to create spaces that combine relaxation, usefulness, and beauty.

  • Stickers and wall paintings

Taking into account the child’s taste is very important, the security and happiness they will feel with a wallpaper with their favorite character or hero is inexplicable. Besides stickers, adding color or patterns on one of the walls also helps to decorate the environment.

  • Frames and signs

Inserting pictures of different sizes and shapes is a good option, you just need to pay attention to the image and the place where it will be placed. The illustration of the picture must match the room itself, and also the wall that is being placed. Using pictures with phrases, geometric prints, and even portrait frames can decorate and make the room cozier.

  • Useful and fun furniture

Decorative elements “2 in 1” are always a good choice due to their greater usefulness. Currently there are beds on the market in the shape of cars, boats, bunk beds with a slide, suspended beds with cabins at the bottom. If the furniture is useful and still brings fun to your child, both sides win.

  • Colorful furniture

Use the color of the furniture in favor of the room, leaving it as the main point and the basis for the rest of the decor

  • Pillows and plush

The investment in cushions is very cost-effective, because they come with covers, and can be changed, so we can always change the decoration of the place, not necessarily always need to keep the same colors, illustrations and shapes. And also the stuffed animals, which serve as decoration and toys for children.

  • Blackboard-type wall

In this case it is simple to do, just buy the matte enamel paint and apply it on the desired area, besides serving as a toy for the child, it will also be part of the room’s decoration.

  • Niches and shelves

In children’s rooms, they reflect a special charm to the environment, and are usually accompanied by toys, books, pictures, and other decorative pieces. The variety of formats is huge, just look for the one that best fits the idealized project and the room’s measurements.

  • Lighting fixtures and blinkers

The union of the lamps or flashers in the decoration of the room is as if it were a complete complement to all the others mentioned, and can give a highlight to a certain object or the whole room itself. There are different models, types and shapes of lights available for purchase, just choose the one that best suits the personality of the child and the room.

  • Organizers

Organization as a child’s routine should start early on, so it is very important to insert organizers so that the child can organize and create the practice of taking things out and putting them back in their place. As alternatives we have baskets, organizer boxes, chests, cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves and other forms of storage. The tip is to bet on the visual of the organizing elements to integrate them into the decor.


Here are some decoration tips for the kids’ room, how do you like it? Follow us on social networks and stay tuned for more content!