When you have children at home, looking for a new home for your family becomes a more complicated task, because it demands more attention to detail. Internal space, security, leisure options in the region and proximity to the school are issues that must be analyzed to ensure a better quality of life for the little ones.

It is also worth remembering that, more than a roof over your head, your new apartment is an investment for the future. Having your own property is synonymous to cultivating an asset that can be passed on from generation to generation. In other words, it is a choice that completely changes the individual and collective perspective of the future.

So it is possible to find a property that meets your requirements and that can make your family comfortable for many years if you invest in time, organization, and planning. Learn how to do this by reading this text to the end.


The first step is to find out if the neighborhood where your new apartment will be located is quiet. After that, check if there are basic services nearby, such as bakeries, markets, banks, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies, among other businesses that offer essential products at any time of the day.

Besides that, checking the location of schools, day care centers, and playgrounds is also primordial, because nobody would like to spend extra money to send their children to the other side of town if they don’t have a car.


Be sure to check if the unit to be purchased has safety items for your children or if it is possible to make adaptations in the environment, such as, for example, installing safety bars and small doors for spaces that you consider inappropriate for them to be alone (balcony and kitchen).

Check with your realtor to see if the residence has surveillance cameras or a monitoring system, if the electric fences are working properly, and if the staff is trained to keep the residents’ peace. It also doesn’t hurt to ask the neighbors outside the condominium if there are any robberies or urban violence around there.

Size of the property

The perfect property for those who have children needs to offer maximum convenience during daily life. In this sense, the size of the rooms weighs a lot when it comes to defining the new dream home. Value cost-effective options, where the rooms have a size equivalent to the total you will pay for the unit.

A large living room, for example, can be convenient for when everyone wants to spend time together. An apartment that can accommodate a good dining table also helps to make for happy times, such as weekend lunches or dinners. And rooms that accommodate all the furniture plus toys cannot be lacking.

Leisure areas

Finally, when the apartment is not enough to contain your children’s energy, the best option would be to take them to a playground or a square to have fun outdoors. However, if you don’t have time to leave the house, you could let them go by themselves to a safe and supervised place, in this case, the leisure area of the condominium!

Many condominiums have leisure areas specially designed for small children, such as playrooms and playgrounds. Value this factor when choosing a new home.

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