Decorating small environments is a big challenge. With increasingly compact apartments, bedrooms, living rooms, balconies, and other rooms are also losing space, requiring a lot of creativity and ingenuity from the residents to make the place beautiful, complete, and cozy.

Some people even feel like giving up because they don’t know how to deal with the situation, but the real problem is that they still don’t understand the dynamics of the situation. With a little research and by following the guidelines in this post to the letter, it is possible to maximize and transform any space.

So, if you have small spaces in your home and want to make them more refined and modern while spending little, grab paper and pen and keep reading until the end to write down all these great suggestions! Follow along:

How to decorate small bedroom

The bedroom is, without a doubt, the most loved room in the house. It is where we lie down after a tiring day and where we keep objects that have great monetary and sentimental value, so it is only fair that, even small, it is cozy and beautiful.

Start by thinking about the walls. The color you choose to paint them needs to be light. This is because they give the impression that the environment is bigger, besides transmitting a lot of tranquility and calmness. If you want, you can also choose furniture in light shades.

Pictures and mirrors are also a good choice. The right choices can make your room very stylish, and the reflections contribute to the feeling of amplitude – a tip: the mirror can be built into the closet!

And another decoration possibility are the hooks, where you can hang clothes, jewelry, shoes, among other items. The hooks are great for organizing and not leaving anything lying around, besides being very inexpensive.

How to decorate a small living room

The living room is the perfect space to receive visitors, relax with the family, and many other activities that are not just watching TV. However, because it is a small space, many leave it aside thinking that it is not worth decorating. But, with a little creativity and a little money, this environment can be beautiful.

For the decorations, start by placing niches on the walls, they are found in various colors, shapes and styles, for very small prices. Your vertical decoration will look beautiful, and they also work well as organizers.

If you are a fan of plants, you can start by placing niches on the walls, which can be found in various colors, shapes, and styles for very small prices. And if you are a fan of plants, you can hang some in strategic spaces (they don’t even have to be real!).

As for the furniture, instead of the factory models, you can opt for personalized ones. For example, old baskets or pallets in place of coffee tables or corner tables. You can also refurbish old furniture or enhance it with cloths with different prints and colors.

How to decorate small balconies

Nowadays many apartments come with balconies, from simple to gourmet ones, and decorating them is also something you should worry about.

Even if it’s not a huge room, benches are welcome, after all, there’s nothing better than enjoying the late afternoon watching the sky, or the weekends getting a light breeze on your face while reading a book. If it fits, it is possible to attach a bench to it (the kind you can remove or hide when not in use). There, you will be able to have differentiated meals and even barbecues.

Finally, wallpaper. They are very economical and easy to be changed whenever you want. Even the waterproof ones are cheaper than paint. Isn’t that chic?

So, what did you think of our tips? Are you inspired to decorate your small spaces? Now all you have to do is to get creative and make every corner of your home look the way you have always dreamed of. If you want more tips like the ones in this publication, visit VRV’s blog.