Check out 5 tips to set up a Coffee Corner in your house

Are you one of those people who can’t do without a cup of coffee in the morning, or always have a cup or two to keep your energy up during the day? Then how about setting up a coffee corner in your house? Small but charming and cozy spaces are a great decoration option for lovers of this tasty bean.

Although the idea of having an exclusive corner for an activity is theoretically complicated to make a reality and to keep constantly organized, it is simpler and easier than you think. To set up your own coffee corner, just follow the 5 tips that VRV prepared for you and it will be very comfortable and beautiful.

Read on and learn more:

Coffee table

The table will be the center of attention, where you will place the coffee pot, cups, important kitchen utensils to prepare a good coffee and the ingredients, such as sugar and sweetener.

It can be made exclusively for this function or you can choose other support surfaces you have left at home, for example a drawer, a chest of drawers, or an unoccupied mini-shelf.

Wall hooks

Just because it’s a small space in the living room, or any other room in the house, doesn’t mean that you should skimp on decorations, you just have to know how to place them correctly in the selected location.

A good way to organize the items is by using wall hooks. With them it is possible to hang cups and cutlery, besides giving a more modern and unadorned tone to the decoration.


Trays are shallow platforms designed to carry several types of things and can be made of various materials, including silver, bronze, iron, wood, etc.

They are very useful and can be placed in a very interesting way in the coffee corner, always aiming at organization, as, for example, serving as a base for pots, capsules, and even the coffee pot.

Transparent pots with coffee

To enhance the decoration and reinforce the “coffee corner” tone, you can use transparent pots and jars filled with coffee beans. Depending on the colors of the other decorative items, it looks great!

And the best thing is that there is no secret, you can use jars sold in hardware stores or reusable jars, so you also recycle and reduce waste in your home.

Decorative accessories

The most important thing for your little corner is to decorate it the way you want. But here’s a valuable tip: use pictures, stickers, plaques, and even differentiated painting to highlight the theme of that environment.

Some decorators prefer to use vintage or retro pieces to reference the atmosphere of famous coffee shops around the world, and others bet on a more modern design to match the rest of the house, however, without losing the original essence and purpose.

The important thing is to make that corner exclusive and pleasant for good moments in the company of a delicious cup of coffee.


What did you think of VRV’s tips? Now you can prepare a coffee corner in your house or apartment and welcome your guests in style!