In some parts of your life, it will be necessary to calculate the family income. Those people who are not used to this term may have several doubts, but they are about to finish! If you want to know details about the income generated by a family, keep reading this text until the end. Read on:

What does family income mean?

Family income is the term used to designate the amount of gross individual income of all the people living in the same house. For example, if five people live in a house who are salaried, then the income will be the sum of the five salaries they receive every month.

This calculation is requested in several government and municipal projects all over Brazil, the most common being the Green and Yellow House project, focused on the distribution of credit for home ownership, and education programs, such as ProUni, FIES and Sisu. All these cases use the sum of the salaries as a criterion for approval or disapproval of the candidates.

What is the per capita family income?

The term “per capita” indicates the division of the sum of the amounts by the number of people living in the property. So, if the total was 5 thousand reais per month, and this number is distributed to the 5 residents, the per capita will be one thousand reais. This is not the same as each person’s salary, since some may receive more than others, so mathematical calculations must be done.

CURIOSITY: “per capita” is a Latin expression that means “per head”. In a liberal translation, it would become “per unit” or “per individual”.

What makes up household income?

Other sources of monetary income besides wages make up the household income, as you can see below. So be sure to take them into account whenever the sum is requested for any activity.

  • Wages;
  • Earnings;
  • Pro-labore
  • Pensions
  • Public or private pension benefits;
  • Commissions;
  • Income from non-salaried work;
  • Income from self-employment.

The alimony is considered family income in some cases, being them all activities with assistance purposes, according to Decree number 6.214/2007. In other situations, the best thing to do is to check the legislation in force to avoid complications and headaches in the future.

How to calculate the family income?

Doing the sum is very simple, all you will need to do is list the monthly income of all the residents of the property and then add them up. The result is the family income that must be informed in the transition that you intend to make.

In the case of per capita family income, the first part of the process is the same, but this time you will need to divide the total amount by the number of family members or companions sharing the household with you. The result of this new operation is the equivalent of each person.

How to prove the family income?

Generally, in order to prove the family income, it is necessary to collect a list of documents:

  1. Identification documents of the applicant and the members of his family group;
  2. Documents to prove housing;
  3. Documents to prove the monthly gross family income.

The documentation that proves the financial situation can be quite extensive, since it depends on each applicant’s situation. Usually, the procedure you wish to go through (buying a house, an apartment, or going to higher education) provides the complete list of paperwork. But we have already told you that it can include: Employment Record Card, bank statements, copy of pay stubs, among others.

How to make the family income declaration?

The documents collected must be presented together with a declaration. Usually, the agency or institution that will do the analysis makes a model available, but on the Internet you can also find options ready to be printed and filled out.


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