Having a child is something inexplicable in the life of a family, especially when it is the first one. For new mothers and fathers, this moment is magical and very challenging, since it is necessary to learn several new things to ensure the health and safety of the newborn. But, what should be the essential thing for everyone is to know how to set up the ideal room for the small child.

If you and your spouse are preparing for the arrival of the first baby, and you still do not know which items are indispensable to create a cozy, fun, safe and quite beautiful room, keep reading this text, because today we will give you great tips. Read on:

Baby crib

The important thing is to start with the essentials, and that is the cradle. This item must be thought over calmly, carefully, and always considering the cost-benefit. After all, the little one will sleep in it for years, so the piece of furniture must be resistant and spacious, and guarantee a lot of coziness, safety, and comfort.

A tip when choosing the mattress is to opt for models with anti-allergic fabric. Invest in a waterproof cover too, so the product will last longer.

Diaper changing table

The changing table is also a fundamental piece in the baby’s room. Some people think that the bathroom might be a good part of the house to do this, but it is actually logistically problematic. When installing this space, think about the positioning that should favor the dynamic of mom or dad and be quite safe for the small child.

The changing table should be close to the crib. If possible, buy one with protective edges and, if you think it’s necessary, compartments or hooks for usable items when changing a diaper.

Closet dresser

Some people believe that only the closet is enough and that it doesn’t even need to be in the newborn’s room. However, both the wardrobe and the chest of drawers turn out to be very functional pieces of furniture. The dresser, especially, can be used to store diapers, shoes, and small clothing items, as well as having a surface to put a tray with hygiene products, the bottle, the lamp, or the baby monitor.

Breastfeeding chair

Contrary to popular belief, the nursing chair has not fallen into disuse. On the contrary, it is still an essential item in the nursery, since it is very convenient and makes feeding time easier. What’s more, the chair also adds to the decoration of the room, making everything more pleasant and organized. The important thing is to choose a chair where mom feels comfortable.

Electronic baby-sitter

This can be a very worthwhile investment. The baby monitor provides greater freedom for moms and dads and ensures the integrity of the child, even when someone is not around. Some of the main reasons for getting one for your child’s room are: quick action in case of emergency, easier for the baby to learn to sleep on his own, higher quality of sleep for the whole family, and remote monitoring.

Home security must always be a priority, especially when the family welcomes a new member who is still very small and fragile. By following these guidelines, his (and your) days will always be great!

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