You don’t have to be a religious person to have at least heard of the 7 Deadly Sins. But in case you have no idea what we are talking about, in short, they are human vices and transgressions that can lead us to commit other even worse sins, according to what is dictated by some religions.

The sins are: lust, pride, sloth, envy, gluttony, greed, and anger. This “set of rules” exists to ensure a more harmonious and fulfilling life, and when they are applied to decoration the goal is not any different.

By doing or not doing what is advised through the sins, your environments can become much better, more spacious, beautiful, and cozy, often by touching very little.

Today, we will address each of these sins and explain what they say for decorating professionals and amateurs alike. Read on to find out more:


Lust is linked to excess, power, dominance, and money. Wanting to have what is expensive. It may sound good the first time we think about this topic, but then I ask you: is it really necessary?

A good decoration does not need expensive items to be beautiful or perfect, all that is needed is a project that enhances the environment and provides what is really necessary to be cozy and complete.


Or vanity, is linked to the feeling of superiority, excessive pride, and narcissism. It doesn’t take much to understand the problematic of this sin, right? The main tip is: decorate for yourself and not to feel better than others. You are the only person who needs to feel satisfied and happy with your decoration.


Procrastinating or being sloppy are some of the attitudes related to laziness. And, in practice, it can be transcribed as the lack of care with your decoration, leaving messy environments and objects out of place. If you are an adult, this is a big problem, but if the mess is caused by children, it is necessary to teach them to be careful with the things in the house.

Another situation is the change of decoration, something that happens at least once a year in every house in Brazil. Don’t be afraid, and don’t avoid it; this process is a good thing, especially to clean the room and make it more receptive.


Wishing a lot for what someone else has or has conquered, ignoring your own possessions, and keeping an eye only on what is not yours is wrong in several areas of our lives. The focus should always be on ourselves, on our things, and consequently, on our environments.

However, it is important to say that there is nothing wrong with being inspired. Your friend, colleague, or family member may have a really cool idea and apply it in another way to themselves, or having a new idea from what you have seen is not characterized as character deviation. The important thing is to always be authentic when decorating your home.


Gluttony exists where there is no satisfaction. Those who commit this sin believe that the more, the better.

You have to keep in mind that the quantity of decorative items will not define the beauty of the decoration or make it good. One should act with moderation, think in a practical way, and focus only on the things that are truly necessary; after all, there is a limit to the space that needs to be respected. Don’t overdo it.


This sin can easily be defined as excessive attachment to material goods, in this case, to ornaments, furniture, and everything else that makes up the decoration of your environment. So the advice is simple, don’t be too attached, understand that there are times when we must get rid of what no longer serves, was broken or can be replaced by something better.

Change the curtains, lamps, rugs, ornaments, and even furniture such as sofas and televisions. Dispose of them properly or pass them on to someone else as second-hand items.


Avoid anger and discomfort in the process of changing a decoration and when it is already established. It is important to think of a harmonious and comfortable design for everyone who lives with you, so if necessary, invite them to design the new look of the rooms.


Pay attention to the 7 Deadly Sins of Decoration and act according to their advice, so many headaches will be avoided in the future and you will certainly be able to establish the best decoration for the rooms in your house or apartment.

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