The decoration of the balcony of your house also deserves attention, since this is a perfect space for moments of leisure and relaxation with family and friends. One way to raise the quality of your balcony is to adopt a decoration with plants. Regardless of their size and shape, they make the perfect place to relax, especially after a day’s work, for example.

Betting on greenery confers many benefits to the owners of the house. Comfort, well-being, relaxation, and convenience are the main factors. And the best thing is that green doesn’t need to be restricted only to plants; you can also bet on flowers, vegetables, and legumes, in the way you prefer.

And to have this little piece of nature at home you don’t need a very big balcony. The smaller ones, usually in apartments, also allow a very beautiful decoration. Thinking about this, VRV listed 5 tips on how to use plants to decorate the balcony of your house.

Check them out below:

Set up a natural mini-garden

A mini-garden, formed by edible plants and spices, is as beautiful as useful. Besides the products being 100% natural and the practice becoming a pleasant hobby, it helps you save money on grocery shopping and also provides a harmonious and visually pleasing decoration for your home.

Small pots with discreet plants

Perfect for surfaces such as tables and countertops, small and discreet vases, with smaller and very colorful flowers, are great details for small balconies, usually those in apartments.

Since they take up little space, the quantity of this item in the decoration can be larger and the model of the vases can vary according to the owner’s wishes and needs.

Large vases with eye-catching plants

In environments with more space, you can exaggerate a bit on the size of the vases and choose plants with eye-catching foliage. This combination can be placed in the corners of the balcony, but be careful not to exaggerate the number of vases, which may disturb the circulation of people.

Hanging vases

Hanging plant pots are a great resource for decorating small environments, as well as small pots. But because they are hung, it is more difficult for someone to trip over or bump into the object, and depending on the position, height and place where it is placed, the decorative resource can awaken a lot of sophistication and modernity.

Verticalization of the garden

If none of the above styles caught your attention, you can still verticalize all your flower pots and edible plants to create a wall full of green and life.

You can choose to have a wooden trellis that fits the pots, or different kinds of shelves made from a variety of woods, and arrange them along the wall in any way you like. This way all these items are well organized, not to mention the amount of decorating space that is left over.