Owning your own apartment is already a great achievement in the life of any person or family. Having the certainty that they are leaving the rent to live in their own home allows the residents to make plans with a lot of freedom, especially regarding the decoration of the rooms.

One of the most important rooms in any home is the living room. It is where we relax watching TV or taking a nap, gather the family to spend good moments together, hold social meetings, and accommodate guests; in short, it is a multipurpose room.

And because it has so much protagonism, the resident needs to be smart and know how to use the square meters of the living room to create a comfortable, beautiful, and not exaggerated place. Thinking of giving you a little help, VRV has prepared 5 tips that will help you make the best use of your living room. Check them out:


Choose custom made furniture

The so-called “planned furniture” are great options for those who want to optimize the space in their living room. As the name implies, they are items built according to the client’s needs, where the size of the place and the number of people living in that house or apartment are considered.

The prices are a little higher than the average for items that come factory-made, but the cost-benefit is much better. Custom-made furniture is made from first-line raw materials and lasts a long time, and these models make better use of your environment.


Or you can use multi-purpose furniture

There is no evidence of greater economy than “two-in-one” products. Some good examples of this furniture that can solve two needs simultaneously are the sofa bed, great to accommodate a guest who will stay overnight at home, and the coffee table chest, which allows you to store several objects that are used routinely and still decorate the room with class and refinement.


Value the integration of the environment

Integrated environments are a new trend in architecture that make the life of several families much easier, and the decoration of many residences more modern and beautiful. This construction style combines two rooms into one, removing all or part of the walls.

An example of this is the extended living room, which connects the living room to the kitchen, usually with a countertop between the two rooms that serves as a table for meals.

Expanded living rooms can be found in VRV’s apartments, check out our projects.


Use light and neutral colors on the walls and decoration

Colors influence our perception of the world and this also counts when decorating our apartment or house. Lighter and neutral colors, especially white, help in illuminating the environment and in the feeling of amplitude of the room, that is, it makes it seem bigger than it really is.

However, you can also use dark tones on one of the walls, so you can create a nice contrast and improve the visual aesthetics. Another idea is to bet on a very colorful furniture seeking to give more grace to the decoration.


Verticalize the items in the living room

Whether decorative items or truly essential to the room, so that they are not scattered or piled up on the floor and in the corners, a good option is to bet on shelves and niches to organize everything you have along the walls, vertically. This technique prevents you and anyone else from tripping over the objects, and also opens a door for decorative opportunities.

Niches and shelves can be custom made, however, they are easy to find in small stores, it will depend on your needs and the quality of the material.


As you can see, optimizing space is not a difficult task and, for sure, will make everyone’s life inside your residence much more comfortable and pleasant. Take note of everything and be sure to enjoy every corner of your home creatively!

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