Have you ever had a grill balcony? This space is increasingly common among new apartments in the real estate market. It can be simple or elaborate, intimate or more extravagant, large or small, but having one is what it is all about!

With several uses, the grill balcony has also gained prominence, that is, it is a space that cannot be missing in any residential unit, since it is also synonymous with leisure and relaxation for families who like to spend moments together.

If you bought a new apartment and decided to include a grill balcony to make the dream of home ownership even more complete, congratulations! And to help you with this new space, we decided to give you some decoration and style tips.

Are you interested? Keep reading this post and learn how to make your grill porch the next most comfortable and cozy environment in your home. Read on:

What is a grill balcony?

According to the real estate portal Imovelweb, in the one-year period between 2019 and 2020, the demand for residential units with a grill balcony grew by 163%, With this, it can be seen that people are in search of not just a luxury, but a feature that enhances everyday life.

But what is a grill balcony? It is the environment attached to the apartment that is airy enough to accommodate an electric grill and a water point next to it, the sink. It is perfect for preparing food, especially meats and salads, and enjoying the weekends and holidays.

Although it looks simple, it is not. The attraction of this part of your new home is the possibility to “customize” it even after the construction is finished. Want to know how? Then let’s go to the tips.

5 tips for your grill porch

We have selected five suggestions that can make your special place even better.

Size is not the crucial factor

The size of your grill balcony does not prevent you from creating solutions that meet your decoration, design, and style desires. It is true that the smaller it is, the less equipment can be allocated, however, there is no need for a lot of technology, just the basics.

Integration of the balcony with the living room

This is a very particular one several times is already defined in the construction plan of the property. Whether or not you like the walls dividing the rooms is very much related to the organization and acclimatization of the areas, one of the advantages is the expansion of the spaces and even reduce some expenses.

Visual identity and decoration

Whether the balcony is integrated or not with the living room, the decoration of the spaces doesn’t always have to be similar, and investing in unusual combinations can produce beautiful effects and please you more than you expect.

For example, you can invest in a clean room, with light tones and few decorations, while your grill balcony is more stripped down, fun, and differentiated. Sometimes, a curtain or a potted plant in a vertical garden is all that is needed to please you.

Grease, dirt, and smoke

Cooking on the grill terrace can be a lot of fun, but what spoils the moment is the dirt that is left behind. Fortunately, nowadays builders have thought of ways to combat this problem, such as well-ventilated openings and easy-to-clean jokes and floors.


If you prefer a grill veranda with wood finishing or even the furniture, it is important to focus on objectives with good finishing and well-sealed cabinets, doors, and drawers to avoid the accumulation of dust and humidity on rainy days.

Now that you know the tips to make your gourmet balcony more functional, just choose the style that suits you best and get to work.

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