When it’s time to get your own house it is necessary to make a good assessment of the property, after all, you don’t want to choose an apartment or a house and later end up regretting it, do you? Therefore, it is very useful to list the main factors that a condominium needs to offer with quality and check if they all meet your expectations.

Knowing these elements helps you understand many things, whether the purchase will ensure well-being and quality of life, and whether the investment is really worth it. This way, you don’t run so many risks of investing your money in a business that will not give the pleasure and satisfaction that you and your family are looking for.

In today’s post we will address 5 factors that should influence you when buying your apartment. Take a look at the list and the explanations below!


You surely have always dreamed of living in a quality neighborhood, far away from crime and close to several stores, stores, banks, schools, and supermarkets, among other places, right? Well, that’s why you should analyze the location of the residence that caught your attention.

Research what is around the condominium, if it is easy to get to that neighborhood, if it is too far or too close to downtown, etc. Talk to those who already live there about what they think about the neighborhood, if they intend to continue living where they are or if they want to move and why. Having all this information is very helpful when making a decision.


Security is one of, if not the most important factor for those who wish to live in an apartment with peace of mind and happiness. Find out if the property has security cameras, alarms, fences on the condominium walls, and trained and qualified professionals to be on duty at the reception and other entrances.

In the leisure areas it is also important to know if they are equipped with technological devices that can prevent or remedy safety problems, such as fires, power failures or overloads, and other issues. The same goes for inside the apartments. In some cases you will need to put safety nets on the windows yourself or they are already installed.

Sun face

Have you ever heard of “sun facing”? If you want to save electricity with natural lighting that is consistent with the time of day, then it is important to check whether the apartment you are interested in has been built with the advantage of facing the sun in the morning, afternoon and evening.

This term means that the development has been thought about the intensity of the sun’s rays that will enter through the window. For example, if in the morning you want to wake up to less intense rays and mild heat, the bedroom should be in the eastern position; and if you want a warmer and more strongly lit kitchen or living room, these rooms should be near the western position.

Is that clear? Each orientation receives a different dose and intensity of rays. Talk to the builder to see if the apartment you want to buy follows this concept.


If you own a vehicle, nothing is more important than having a garage for it. Therefore, find out if the development offers garages for the residents, if it is a right or if there is a fee to be charged for it.

Some properties on the market have several garage options: open air, underground, with a roof, without a roof, different spaces for cars and motorcycles, or shared spaces, and so on. It is important to locate the option that will favor you the most and ensure the complete safety of your automobile.

Leisure area

The last but not least factor that should be evaluated before buying your apartment is the leisure areas. After all, there is nothing better than having a swimming pool to enjoy on the weekends or a gym next door to train and maintain good health and a healthy lifestyle, right?

So make sure that your choice of residence offers diverse entertainment options for the whole family, but that they are useful, modern, and really usable. Some options that cannot be missing are: party room, swimming pool, game room, playground, gym, and gazebos to enjoy the outdoors under a good shade.

After making a good evaluation of these aspects and also comparing prices and payment methods, it will be easier for you to buy the apartment you have always dreamed of!

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