Families who choose to live in a gated community seek safety first. Therefore, providing quality protection on the building’s perimeter must be a priority for all building managers, since residents pay to feel more protected and worry-free.

There are numerous strategies that can be adopted, but the professional’s focus must be to offer the one that will efficiently guarantee a peaceful and non-threatening environment, preserving the integrity of its residents and their assets.

This is a huge responsibility, and we know that it is getting more and more challenging to acquire a system or a method that can solve 100% of the insecurities. Therefore, to help you, who is responsible for a real estate development, VRV has organized 4 security tips to be put into practice.

Would you like to know how to best protect your tenants? Then read on!

Hire specialized professionals

It all starts with the personnel who are hired to work in the building.

During the interviews, make sure you carefully analyze all the details presented by the candidate, such as references, experience on the resume or workbook, specialized courses, and the qualifications.

A good idea is to hold a trial period in order to better evaluate the skills claimed during the spoken interview and how the professional behaves while on the job.

Outsource services from a company in the field

But if, besides a great job, you want to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of security, another good option is to count on a renowned company in the security market.

Their janitors, doormen, mechanics, and security guards take periodic courses so that they are always up to date and able to act in any situation. But besides human resources, it is possible to hire complete security systems, for example, alarms and 24 hour monitoring cameras, as we will see below.

Invest in electronic security

Technology should always be used in our favor, and as mentioned above, it is also available as a security system to ensure the well-being of the residents of the residence.

And there is no lack of options! You, the superintendent, doorman, or security guard, can make use of devices such as 24-hour cameras, alarm systems integrated to a call center, sensors, automatic access and communication mechanisms (doors, intercoms, metal sensors), among many others.

These items can be bought directly from the manufacturer or purchased from an outsourced company, which will also be responsible for data administration and maintenance when necessary.

Establish rules and condominium policies

Finally, it is necessary to look at the interpersonal relationships among the people who live in the building.

Rules that involve residents and employees must be established, always prioritizing mutual respect and care for the property, especially the items of collective spaces. This is a way to prevent accidents and correct harmful attitudes.

There may even be similar guidelines and rules from one condominium to another, but as the conjuncture of many is unique, a careful analysis must be made before establishing any policy.

We hope that these 4 tips will help you to improve the functioning of your residence. If you are interested, several other tips await you in our blog, check them out!