Investing in real estate has always been a good alternative to have income, nowadays, the scenario has not changed, because investing in real estate is still a good investment that brings financial returns for those who acquire the real estate for investment. And depending on the economy, real estate can yield very significant profits for the buyers.


To take the best advantage of the investment opportunities in the sector, it is necessary to have knowledge, because the purchase of a property is a highly involved business and is an expressive value, i.e., it is an investment that requires some time of planning and knowledge of how to do it.


We, from VRV Construtora, want to help you to know better how the real estate market works and its investments, dynamics and how to choose the perfect property so that your money will have a good return for you. To do this, we have separated three unmissable tips to choose the property for investment, keep reading this article.


Evaluate the Location


A crucial point when evaluating your investment property is its location, because it must be built close to commercial areas that have services, products, and facilities for the residents, such as shopping malls, easy access to streets and avenues, and public transportation.


For those who are looking for a property to rent or buy, which will be the one that will bring a return on their investment, the location and the facilities that the location brings to the residents are important points for advertising and ease in selling or renting, so prefer properties that are close to schools, supermarkets, pharmacies, stores, and shopping malls, among other facilities.


Evaluate the Structure of the Development


Another very important point to be taken into consideration is the structure of the enterprise, because they are major differentials when buying or renting a property, so always keep in mind what the person may think and want in an enterprise.


Think about the leisure area, what items the development offers, if the condominium offers swimming pools, gyms, movie theaters, party rooms, game rooms, beauty salons, gazebos, Zen spaces, playgrounds, playrooms, 24-hour doorman, security cameras, elevators, and all the details. The more you know, the more secure your investment is, the better your return can be.


A Residential Club is an incredible valuation for the value of the property that was bought as soon as it was built or in the first months of its launching, because the highlights are many, besides that, when the condominium is called a residential club, people know they will have the comfort they are looking for with the safety they deserve, all this allied to a lot of modernity, technology, and, usually, payment facilities with installments they can afford, generating a high valuation and fast investment return.


Get to know the real estate


This specific point, besides being very important for the pricing of the property, can be a decisive point for the person who will bring the return on your investment, because, besides knowing all the common areas of the enterprise, that is, the leisure areas and the differentials that the condominium offers to the residents, it is necessary to know the blueprints of the properties and know the internal details as well.


Properties with two or three bedrooms, which can accommodate a small or medium-sized family, are always the most liquid in the real estate market. The apartments or houses of Residential Clubs tend to have two or three types of floor plans, you need to know the types so that you can evaluate well the investment, know how many floors the building has, how many towers the condominium has, and how the apartments were made, with American kitchen, gourmet balcony, air conditioning points, extended living room, two or three bedrooms, in short, all the details that can make a difference for the resident.




We hope you have enjoyed these valuable tips that we brought to you to start your investments in real estate, or even continue to invest in more properties that generate a significant return for you. If you want to know the best real estate options for investment, just talk to us, because buying directly from the builder, you have access to the best market conditions and rates.


You can also count on our specialized and personalized service that will understand and meet all your needs in the best possible way.